Detroit Diesel Diagnostic Link (DDDL) Software: Engine RPM Settings

Variable Speed Governor (VSG)

Figure 1.1 - VSG Max RPM (2110 RPM)

Variable Speed Governor (VSG) for Speed Control
The Variable Speed Governor (VSG) is an optional governor. VSG converts its throttle input (analog voltage or frequency) to a VSG set speed between idle and rated speed. VSG determines the Engine speed error and varies Engine fueling to maintain the desired set speed.

#Engine RPM Settings (DDC Series 60)
(A). RPM Preset - Using EEC Programming Menu Options, we can set the RPM Preset point (between 600-1500 RPM). Read More: Operating the Detroit Diesel Electronic Engine Commander (EEC).
Figure 1.2 - Preset RPM (1500 RPM)

(B). Using DDDL Software.
1). Connect the Detroit Engine using DDDL Software. Read More: How to Connecting DETROIT Engines using Detroit Diesel Diagnostic Link (DDDL) Software.
2). Select Calibration - Retrieve menu, will displays Reading Data from the ECM.
Figure 1.3 - Calibration (Retrieve)
Figure 1.4 - Reading Data from the ECM

3). Select ISD & VSG ^4 sub-menu.
Figure 1.5 - ISD & VSG
→Variable Speed Governor
VSG Droop RPM - The VSG droop can be programmed between 0 and LSG droop but not greater than
300 RPM (0-150 RPM), depending on Engine rating.
VSG Min RPM - The VSG minimum speed can be set between the Idle Speed and the rated Engine speed (or VSG MAX SPD when selected). This causes the Engine speed to jump from the Idle Speed to VSG Idle Speed when the VSG Throttle Position is first moved (600-2100 RPM).
VSG Max RPM - The VSG maximum speed can be set between the Idle Speed (or VSG MIN SPD when selected) and the Engine rated speed (800-2110 RPM).

#To Changing Setting
▪Click on the RPM Value to change, and use the keyboard (or use up/down button) to edit the current value.
▪For DDEC, enter the ECM's password into the Password box (for security, the numbers you type will not be shown). Feel FREE to Contact Us.
▪Press Transmit.
Figure 1.6 - Sending Data to the ECM
▪Press Reset to reset all the values that you have changed since you last saved the calibration or transmitted it to the ECM.
▪Press Close to close the Retrieved Calibration menu.
Figure 1.7 - VSG Max RPM (2110 RPM)
*Note: You can't change the Calibration when Engine Speed is Present.
Figure 1.8 - Engine is running (Warning)

#Testing Engine RPM 
▪Monitoring Engine RPM using DDDL Software through Diagnostic/ Normal Instrumentation menu. Read More: Diagnostic Instrumentation on DETROIT Engines (DDEC) using Detroit Diesel Diagnostic Link (DDDL).
▪Start the Engine, and check for Idle Speed setting (VSG Min RPM - 800 RPM), refer to Figure 1.7 above.
Figure 1.9 - VSG Min RPM (800 RPM)
→DD EEC (Engine RPM)
Figure 2.1 - Idle Speed (800 RPM)
▪Check for Preset RPM setting (refer to Figure 1.2 above).
Figure 2.2 - Preset RPM (1500 RPM)
▪Check for High Speed setting (VSG Max RPM - 2110 RPM), refer to Figure 1.1 and 1.7 above.
Figure 2.3 - VSG Max RPM (2110 RPM)


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