ECM Templates on Cummins INSITE Software (CUMMINS Engines)

ECM Templates

Figure 1.1 - Work Orders/ ECM Images

Templates provide a convenient way to configure multiple ECMs using the same engine settings. An ECM can be adjusted to the required specifications for a fleet. An Image of that ECM can be created and converted into a template. The Template is then applied to other ECMs in that fleet, saving the time it would have taken to manually configure each ECM.

Templates are based on an existing ECM image but it contains only the adjustable Features and Parameters that can be modified within INSITE™.

Perform the following steps to create a Template:
1). Open the Work Orders window (refer to Figure 1.1 above). Read More: Work Orders on Cummins INSITE Software (CUMMINS Engines).
2). Expand a Work Order in the upper section of the Work Orders window.
3). Highlight one or more ECM Images. Multiple Images can be selected by holding the CTRL key while selecting the Images to be converted. Read More: ECM Images on Cummins INSITE Software (CUMMINS Engines).
4). Perform one of the following three steps to start the Template conversion process:
  • Select Convert to Template(s) from the right click menu.
Figure 1.2 - Convert to Template(s)
  • Select the Convert to Template icon from the toolbar.
  • Select File>Convert>ECM Template from the Menu bar. 
5). A New ECM Template window will appear on the screen. This window contains the properties that describe the Work Order. Update property values and enter Technician's notes as desired.
Figure 1.3 - New ECM Template
6). The Print button may be selected to print the Template properties prior to creating the template. The information will be sent to the PC's default printer.
7). Select OK.
8). INSITE™ will create the Template.
9). The new Template will be listed in the lower section of the Work Orders window.

#Right Click Menu
Right-click on an ECM template(s) to perform other activities associated with the selected template(s). A popup menu displays the following options:
1). Send to ECM - Select this option to apply the template values to an ECM (available when connected to the ECM).
→Click Connect to ECM
Figure 1.4 - Connecting to ECM...
→Right-click on the ECM Template, and click Send to ECM.
Figure 1.5 - Send to ECM
→Click OK on the Confirm ECM Adjustment window.
Figure 1.6 - Confirm ECM Adjustment
Template Transfer window will appear, wait the Transferring Template until 100%.
Figure 1.7 - Template Transfer
Key Switch window displays: Please turn the Key Switch off for 30 seconds. Turn the Key Switch to OFF, and click OK.
Figure 1.8 - Key Switch
Turn Key Switch On window displays: Please turn the Key Switch on, then press OK. Turn the Key Switch to ON, and click OK.
Figure 1.9 - Turn Key Switch On

2). Export Template(s) - Select this option to export a Template.
Figure 2.1 - Export Template(s)
→An Export Location window will appear. Select the file location and edit the file name, if desired. The file will be saved in that location as an Exported Template File (.etf). This file can then be imported into another PC that has INSITE™ .
Figure 2.2 - Export Location

3). Import Template(s) - Select this option to import a Template.
Figure 2.3 - Import Template(s)
→An Import Location window will appear. Use the "Look in" dropdown menu to browse to the location of the Template File. Double-click on the desired file, or highlight it and select the Open button.
Figure 2.4 - Import Location

4). Print Template(s) - Select this option to print selected Template(s).
Figure 2.5 - Print Template(s)

5). Delete Template(s) - Select this option to delete selected Template(s).
Figure 2.6 - Delete Template(s)
→A Delete Template window will appear. Press OK to delete the selected template(s).
Figure 2.7 - Delete Template

6). Edit Template(s) - Select this option to edit the selected Template(s).
Figure 2.8 - Edit Template(s)
→An ECM Template Editor will appear. Click on the ECM Value to change.
→Click Save or Save As button to save, and click Cancel button to cancel.
Figure 2.9 - ECM Template Editor

7). Properties - Select this option to view Template details. These details were created or edited when the image was created or modified.
Figure 3.1 - Properties...
→The ECM Template Name may be edited by double-clicking in the edit box and typing the new name. Information may be added to the System Comments box by clicking inside the box.

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