FREE Cummins INSITE Software: Download the Calibrations to ECM on CUMMINS Engines

ECM Calibration

Figure 1.1 - Calibration Workspace

INSITE Professional enables ECM calibrations to be downloaded directly to an ECM. Click Calibration Selection on the Viewbar to select, view, and transfer calibrations. Read More: Calibration Selection on Cummins INSITE Software (CUMMINS Engines).

The process of downloading a calibration can be summarized in four steps:
(1). Select an ECM part number.
(2). Select a Certification Codes (right-click menu) for your location.
Figure 1.2 - Certification Codes
Certification Codes and Agencies
Figure 1.3 - Certification Code Selection

Double click a certification code in the Available Certification Codes panel to select it, or highlight a code and click Add. Use the same procedure to remove a code from the Selected Certification Codes panel, except use the Remove button.
Code - Agency
ABS - American Bureau of Shipping
ADR - Australian Motor Vehicle Certification Board
ADR3 - ADR30/00 (Australian Certification)
ADR7 - ADR70/00 (Australian Certification)
ARAI - Automotive Research Association of India
AUSF - AUSFORS (Australia)
BEPB - Beijing Environmental Protection Bureau
CARB - California Air Resources Board
CCNR - Central Commission for Navigation on the Rhine
CCS - China Classification Society
CNMT - Short of CANMET
CON - Brazilian Conama
CPCB - Central Pollution Control Board (India)
EAC - Eurasian Conformity
ECE - Economic Commission for Europe (R24)
EEC - European Economic Communities
EPA - Environmental Protection Agency
EU - European Union (Europe in General)
EUR1 - European Sub-Classification 1
EUR2 - European Sub-Classification 2
EUR3 - European Sub-Classification 3
EX02 - EPA 01-Jan-1999 to 30-Sep-2002
EX97 - EPA Export 1997
IBAM - Brazilian Institute of Environment
ICAT - International Center for Auto Technology
IMCI - International Marine Certification Institute
IMO - International Marine Organization
JMLT - Japanese Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport
JMOE - Japan Ministry of Environment
KMOE - Korea Ministry of Environment
LR -  Lloyd's Register of Shipping
MEP - Ministry of Environmental Protection (China)
MSHA - Underground Mining Certification
NAMI - Russia National Vehicle Certificate Agency 
NONE - None Certified
NSPS - New Source Performance Standards
PROF - PROFEPA-Mexico Federal Environmental Protection
RAMT - Russian Automotive Certification Center
SATR - Russia Vehicle Certification Fund
TEPA - Taiwan Environmental Protection Agency
TUV - German Organization (Technical Inspection Association)
VCA - European Certification Agency

When you click OK, calibrations that comply with the selected certification requirements will be displayed in the calibration list.
Figure 1.4 - Calibration List

(3). Select a calibration.
(4). Send the calibration to the ECM.
Transfer to ECM (right-click menu)
Select this option after highlighting a single calibration to transfer the selected calibration to the ECM (This option is not available if you are not connected to an ECM).
Figure 1.5 - Transfer to ECM

#To send a calibration to ECM setup:
a). Select Transfer to ECM (refer to Figure 1.5 above). IMPORTANT!! Read the "Warning!" message displayed on the welcome page carefully and select Next to continue.
Figure 1.6 - Welcome to the ECM Calibration Download
b). If a calibration authorization password is required, the Calibration Authorization window will open. This displays the requested ECM Code and PCID which is needed to obtain a password from the Cummins Distributor. A Fleet Calibration Count or a Calibration Authorization Password must be entered. Select Next to continue.
Figure 1.7 - Calibration Authorization
c). A System ID and Dataplate information window will open.
→Verify or modify the System ID and Dataplate information. The values that are not locked may be changed by double-clicking in the right-hand column and entering a new value.
→If desired, select Save/Restore Adjustable Parameters if available. This option saves the adjustable parameters and then restores them to the ECM after calibration download has been successfully completed. If Save/Restore Adjustable Parameters is not selected, or if the connected ECM does not support it, the adjustable parameters will be set to the default values of the new calibration.
Figure 1.8 - System ID and Dataplate
→To undo changes, click Restore Original Values or select Next to continue.
d). Verify the Summary information is correct and select Next to continue.
Figure 1.9 - Summary
e). An Adjustment Confirmation message will appear. Select OK to continue.
Figure 2.1 - Adjustment Confirmation
f). INSITE™ will begin calibrating the ECM. Follow the prompts and do not turn off the key switch unless instructed.
Figure 2.2 - Preparing ECM to receive calibration
Figure 2.3 - Transferring ECM calibration... 
g). At the end of the calibration download, it will be necessary to cycle the key switch. Follow the INSITE™ prompts as required.
Figure 2.4 - Key Switch (Off)
Figure 2.5 - Key Switch (waiting 30 seconds)
Figure 2.6 - Turn Key Switch On
h). After calibration transfer has completed, the results of the calibration transfer and Save and Restore (if selected) will be displayed in the Calibration Transfer Results window. This will also appear in the Calibration Transfer Summary window. Select OK.
Figure 2.7 - Calibration Transfer Results
i). Select Next to continue.
Figure 2.8 - Closing ECM
j). Select Finish to close the ECM Calibration Download Wizard, then will displays New ECM Image.
Figure 2.9 - Finish
Figure 3.1 - New ECM Image

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