FREE Cummins INSITE Software: ECM Images on CUMMINS Engines

Cummins Insite - ECM Image

Figure 1.1 - Work Orders/ ECM Images (1)

An ECM image is a snapshot of all INSITE™ data from a single ECM. This includes data available within Features and Parameters, Advanced ECM Data, Data Monitor/Logger, Fault Codes, Trip Information and the Audit Trail. ECM Images are attached to Work Orders. There can be several ECM Images within a single Work Order. ECM Images can be used to compare settings and values at two points in time or can be used to create an ECM Templates. An ECM Image can be viewed by connecting to or printing it. If Work Order Mode is enabled, ECM Images are created when connecting to and disconnecting from an ECM or Simulator. They can also be manually created.

ECM Images are managed in the upper section of the Work Orders window. They are displayed under their associated Work Orders. Read More: Work Orders on Cummins INSITE Software (CUMMINS Engines).

Perform one of the steps below to display images under a specific Work Order:
1). Double-click on the desired Work Order.
2). Right-click on the desired Work Order and select Expand from the menu.
3). Select "+" to the left of the desired Work Order.
Figure 1.2 - Work Orders/ ECM Images (2)

#Connect to Image - Right Click Menu
Figure 1.3 - Connect to Image
Select this option to connect INSITE™ to the selected Image. Once connected, all data contained within the image will be available to view in INSITE™.
Figure 1.4 - Fault Codes
Figure 1.5 - Features and Parameters
Figure 1.6 - Trip Information
Figure 1.7 - Advanced ECM Data
Figure 1.8 - Data Monitor/Logger
Figure 1.9 - Audit Trail


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