EEC Low Voltage (EEC Information Center)

EEC Voltage is Low (Electronic Engine Commander) 

Figure 1.1 - EEC Low Voltage

EEC has a low side output capable of sinking up to one (1) amp DC which activates an OEM supplied external alarm. The alarm is activated as listed below:

Activity (Timing):
  • Low Fuel - Cycles the alarm output two (2) times per second.
  • Check Engine or Low Voltage (below 11.9 VDC) - Cycles the alarm output four (4) times per second.
  • Stop Engine - Cycles the alarm output eight (8) times per second.

The EEC will activate the low voltage alarm below 11.9 VDC. DDEC will not log a low voltage code (PID 168 - FMI 1/ Flash Code 46) or illuminate the Check Engine Light/CEL until the voltage drops below 10.0 VDC (12 VDC system) or below 20 VDC (24 VDC system).
Figure 1.2 - Battery Volts (11.8 VDC)

#The Information Center displays the following messages listed below:
→Welcome to Detroit Diesel Electronic Engine Commander - At ignition on (optional)
→Engine Commander - OEM interlock is not active
→PSG: Ready - Interlocks are active but no RPM/PSI requested
→RPM Active - RPM mode has been requested
→Pressure Active - PSI (kPa) mode has been requested
→Preset RPM: XXXX - Auto-INC\DEC flashes when Preset RPM requested
→Preset PSI (kPa) : XXX - Auto-INC\DEC flashes when Preset PSI (kPa) requested
→PSG: Idle Request - Interlock lost or idle switch pressed
→Coolant Temp High - Coolant temperature is high
→Oil Temp High - Oil temperature is high
→Oil pressure low - Oil pressure is low
→Coolant level low - Coolant level is low
→EEC Low Voltage - EEC voltage is low
→Check Engine - DDEC broadcasts a check engine code description
→Stop Engine - DDEC broadcasts a stop engine code description
→EEC Preset Fault - Operating after Preset
→PSG Disabled - Digital Output – Cruise Active (PSG) is missing. Check wire.
Figure 1.3 - Battery Potential/ 11.4 Vdc (Instrumentation)

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