Install MOTOTRBO Customer Programming Software (CPS 2.0)

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Figure 1.1 - MOTOTRBO CPS 2.0

Motorola XiR P3688 - M3688 - P6620

MOTOTRBO Customer Programming Software (CPS) 2.0 is a Radio programming software for dealers and service technicians that configure the MOTOTRBO Radios. CPS 2.0 allows the user to access and program (Read, Write, or Clone) the codeplug of the MOTOTRBO subscriber and repeater in the available systems. CPS 2.0 also allows the user to update or recover the codeplug and firmware of the Radio as well as a centralized management of programming Radios in-the-field.

Install MOTOTRBO CPS 2.0 (including MOTOTRBO Flashzap Driver 1.5, and MOTOTRBO Radio Driver 7.0), FREE download here: Motorola CPS2_2.21.61.0.
Figure 1.2 - Version

Registering Application Licenses
This procedure allows the user to register and activate CPS 2.0 application features. The user does not need to connect any devices to the PC during registration. However, an Internet connection is required.

1). On the menu bar, select LicensesRegister Application Licenses...
Figure 1.3 - Licenses

2). In the Register Application Licenses window, enter the entitlement ID (EID).
Figure 1.4 - Register Application Licenses
Figure 1.5 - Enter the EID

3). Click Query.
Figure 1.6 - Query

4). Select the feature to be registered.
Figure 1.7 - Select the EID

5). Click Register.
Figure 1.8 - Checking for previous activation...
The Registering Application Licenses dialog box appears and provides status of the registration process. After registration completes the success message is shown. CPS 2.0 is now enabled to use the registered feature.

6). Exit the Register Application Licenses process by clicking OK.
7). To viewing the Registered Application Licenses:
▪ On the menu bar, select Licenses → View Application Licenses...
Figure 1.9 - View Application Licenses
▪ The Status for Analog Mode Support will change from Available for Purchase to Purchased.
Figure 2.1 - Analog Mode Support (Purchased)

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    Where can I buy an analog mode license for the AS region?

  2. Hello
    How can I purchase the analog mode support license? This feature strongly needed.

  3. Send me an email on Contact Us (

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