FREE Cummins INSITE Software: Fuel Lift Pump Override Test on CUMMINS Engines

Electric Fuel Lift Pump Override Test

Figure 1.1 - Fuel Lift Pump (Cummins QSK50/60)

This tests the operation of the Electric Lift Pump and primes the fuel system to eliminate any air in the system. Manual control of the fuel lift pump is independent of engine speed.

To manually override the Electric Fuel Lift Pump:
1). Attach the Laptop/PC to a non-running engine. Also ensure that battery voltage is above 10.5V in a 12V electrical system, or above 22V in a 24V system. Read More: How to Connecting CUMMINS Engines using Cummins INSITE Software.

2). Select Electric Fuel Lift Pump Override from the list in the ECM Diagnostic Tests Wizard.
Figure 1.2 - ECM Diagnostic Tests

3). Click Next, and the Fuel Lift Pump Override window opens.
Figure 1.3 - Electric Fuel Lift Pump Override Test

4). Observe and perform anything specified in the Instructions box.

5). Click Start.
Figure 1.4 - Starting Electric Lift Pump Override Test

6). Select Commanded Lift Pump Position to On, the Electric Fuel Pump should activated and primes the fuel system.
Figure 1.5 - Electric Lift Pump Commanded On
Figure 1.6 - Electric Lift Pump Commanded Off

7). Click Stop when the test is complete.
Figure 1.7 - Test has Stopped

8). To return the lift pump to its automatic settings: click Back to perform a different test.

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