Input Function: Quick to Neutral on ALLISON Transmission (4700OFS)

QTN = Quick-to-Neutral

Figure 1.1 - Quick to Neutral/ OPKO Activated (Shift Selector)

Input Quick-to-Neutral:
This function is available on more than one wire. Be sure to select the schematic with the wire number specified in your TCM calibration. For example below, wiring on our Pump unit (assignment for 143).
Figure 1.2 - Quick to Neutral (TCM-143)

Applicable Transmissions:
4000 Product Families. In this case, 4700OFS (Oil Field Series).

This function is enabled when the switch is opened to interrupt the supply of power to wire 143. When the function is enabled, the TCM immediately commands the Transmission to shift to Neutral. To resume operation in the selected drive range, the operator must first disable the input  (close the switch on wire 143) and select Neutral on the Shift Selector. The desired drive range can then be re-selected on the Shift Selector. This function is available only in secondary mode for dual-mode and stationery applications.
  • Most functions are enabled when the control circuit is closed (switched from open-to-power or open-to-ground).
  • This function is based on inverted logic, it's enabled when the circuit is open and subsequently disabled when the control circuit is switched closed.
  • Design and installation of the control circuit for this function requires special attention in order that circuit actuation creates the desired result in vehicle operation.

Immediately shifts the Transmission to Neutral when a signal to the TCM designates that drive to auxiliary equipment must be interrupted.

Customer Modifiable Constants:

Oil field pumper, trencher, auger, dual-mode and stationary applications. This functions does not operate in primary/ propulsion mode.

Function Response to TCM Power Interruption:
→Power Off: Transmission remains in Neutral. Shift are inhibited.
→Power Restored: Transmission remains in Neutral. Shifting is permitted after the function is disabled, Neutral is selected, and the desired range is selected.
Figure 1.3 - Enabled by: input wire 143

Check on Data Monitor using ALLISON DOC:
1). Open and connect Allison DOC to Allison Transmission. Read More: How to Connecting ALLISON Transmission using ALLISON DOC Software
2). Select Data Monitor button - the Data Monitor data selection window displays. Read More: Data Monitor on ALLISON DOC Software (ALLISON Transmission).
3). Select the desired range. For example, select Drive/ D on Shift Selector (5 - 2).
Figure 1.4 - Data Monitor (Shift Selector/ 5-2)
4). Simulate the OPKO (Over Pressure Kick-Out) system, or try to push the Quick-to-Neutral button (if equipped). 
5). Please see on Shift Selector, will displays 5 - N (refer to Figure 1.1 above), also you can monitoring data through Data Monitor.
→Signal Source 143/ Signal State will change from OFF to ON (Input - Quick to Neutral Oil Field Pump)
Figure 1.5 - Input/ Quick to Neutral (ON)
→Current Gear, Gear Commanded: Neutral
→Shift Selector Range Selected: 5
→Shift Selector Range Commanded: Neutral / Blank
→Signal Source 143/ Signal State will back to OFF (Input - Quick to Neutral Oil Field Pump)
Figure 1.6 - Shift Selector Range Commanded (Neutral)
Figure 1.7 - Shift Selector Commanded (Blank)
6). Select Neutral/ N to back on normal operation (Power Restored).
7). Please see details video on my YT Blog.Teknisi:

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