How to Connecting ALLISON Transmission using ALLISON DOC Software

Allison DOC Software

Figure 1.1 - Allison DOC 

The Allison DOC (Diagnostic Optimized Connection) is a diagnostic system designed for use with Allison's 3000/4000 and 1000/2000 Product Families Transmissions, TC10 Transmission, and Transmission using CEC5/CEC3/CEC2/CEC1 controls (both 4th/5th Gen TCM).

For most Allison DOC functions, the vehicle should be key ON, or Engine running.

#Connecting the PC to the Control System:
1). Click the SmartConnect check box.
2). Select a Transmission Type from the Connect/Disconnect dialog box.
3). Click on F4-Connect button (left-above side), or just need to push F4 button through keyboard.
Figure 1.2 - Transmission Connect

4th/5th Gen TCM Connection Options
Display J1939 data - 4th Gen only - sometimes a technician may need to know J1939 data related to the transmission. Selecting this option, will display pertinent J1939 data on the ALLISON DOC Data Monitor view. If a session is recorded, this data will also be saved to the same file.
Troubleshoot Specific Problem - This is a quick method of selecting multiple parameters that are logically grouped to add on to the default list of data automatically being collected. If you are troubleshooting a specific problem related to one of these groups, this is a faster way of requesting the extra data instead of individually picking data items in the "Software Configuration" dialog.
Figure 1.3 - Attempting to connect 
4). Upon successful connection, the DTC and General Information window for the selected transmission controller displays. Read More: Display DTC (Diagnostic Trouble Codes) on ALLISON DOC Software.
Figure 1.4 - DTC and General Information
5). If a connection cannot be established, the tool displays the Connection Help window with specific instructions on how to troubleshoot the connection.
Figure 1.5 - Connection Help
6). To Disconnect, click on F4-Disconnect or just need to push F4 button through keyboard.

#To select a translator device and communication protocol manually:
1). Deselect SmartConnect.
2). Select Transmission Type.
3). Click on F4-Connect button (left-above side), or just need to push F4 button through keyboard - the Communications Adapter Setup dialog box displays.
Figure 1.6 - Communication Adapter Setup
4). Select the Translator Device and Protocol from the drop-down list and click the Connect button.  
5). If the Translator Device and Protocol does not appear on the list, make sure that the driver software has been installed on your PC and click the Advanced button - the Advanced Communication Adapter Setup window displays. This dialog box displays all adapters as described in the RP1210 files.
6). Select the Adapter Vendor, Protocol, and Device from the drop-down list, then click OK.
Figure 1.7 - Communication Adapter Setup (Advanced)


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