FREE ALLISON DOC Software: Solenoid Test on ALLISON Transmission

Solenoid Test

Figure 1.1 - TCC PCS Commanded Pressure (TCC On)

#Solenoid Test
→Use the Solenoid Test feature to verify the TCM's ability to energize individual solenoids.
→This feature does not test the electrical condition of a solenoid.
→The test verifies the TCM is correctly sending commands to energize/ de-energize each individual solenoid.
→The test does not verify that vehicle wiring or solenoids are operating properly.
→Perform this test with the Ignition ON, Engine OFF and the transmission in Neutral.
→Consequently: depending on the particular test, the user may need to use a voltmeter to complement the purpose of this feature.

To run Solenoid Test:
1). Connect ALLISON Transmission using ALLISON DOC Software. Read More: How to Connecting ALLISON Transmission using ALLISON DOC Software.
2). After connected, click on Action Request - Solenoid Test... drop-down menu.
Figure 1.2 - Action Request (Solenoid Test...)

3). Solenoid Test dialog box displays, and click on Data Monitor menu. Read More: Data Monitor on ALLISON DOC Software (ALLISON Transmission).
Figure 1.3 - Solenoid Test
Figure 1.4 - Solenoid Test (Data Monitor)

4). Select a Solenoid to test. The Solenoid changes from OFF to ON or from OFF to ON, a successful test is indicated by the changed Solenoid state/value, also will sound audible click on its Solenoid.
Figure 1.5 - Shift Solenoid 1 Status (SS1 On)
Figure 1.6 - Shift Solenoid 2 Status (SS2 On)
Figure 1.7 - Main Mod Solenoid Commanded Pressure (Main Mod Sol On)
Figure 1.8 - PCS 1 Commanded Pressure (PCS1 On)
Figure 1.9 - PCS 2 Commanded Pressure (PCS2 On)
Figure 2.1 - PCS 3 Commanded Pressure (PCS3 On)
Figure 2.2 - PCS 4 Commanded Pressure (PCS4 On)
Figure 2.3 - PCS 5 Commanded Pressure (PCS5 On)
Figure 2.4 - PCS 6 Commanded Pressure (PCS6 On)

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