Setting Up DYNALCO MTH-103E Display

#Terminal Connections:
(A), (B) - Magnetic Pickup
(1) - Positive DC Volts, 9-30 Vdc
(4) - Negative DC Volts

Figure 1.1 - Dynalco MTH-103E

#Programming Overview:
All programming is accomplished through the front keypad,
Press to Enter or Exit the configuration screen,
   Press to Enter or Accept values or to Reset the Alarm,
   Select UP / DOWN,
    Go back one screen,
    Select and advance to next screen,

To configures each input, first go to the main programming screen by pressing the MENU/ESC key,
1). Programming the Gear Teeth (for selecting Number of Gear Teeth)

Here, you will need to set the Number of Gear Teeth for proper RPM display, will allow any Number from 1 to 360 teeth (refer to Engine Specification).

2). Hourmeter Settings (Configures hourmeter count up/down)

Here, you will be able to either leave the hourmeter to the current setting or pre-select any Number up to 99999 hours.

3). Alarm Settings (for enabling low/high alarms)

Here, you can either enable or disable the RPM Alarm and select both underspeed (RPM Alarm Low) and overspeed (RPM Alarm High) setpoints.
NOTE: if underspeed is not required, the parameter should be set to "0".

4). System Settings (for selecting default display)

There are 2 display layouts available, either "Large RPM Digit" or "RPM + Hourmeter".
NOTE: if you are selecting the default layout type, you will be able to change the layout during normal operation by pressing the left/right arrows.

In case the Security Code is mis-placed or forgotten, there is a Master Code for gaining access to the programming function. The Master Code is "5034381".

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