Setting Speed RPM & Hours Meter on DYNALCO MTH-103D Display


Figure 1.1 - Dynalco MTH-103D (Idle Speed)

As picture above, the display is reading 766 RPM when Engine is Idle. In other case, if we bought new Dynalco MTH-103D display, the display will reading approx. 1800-2000 RPM while Engine is Idle, it means the display for Speed Value (RPM) was WRONG.

#Setting up the Display:
  • Power Up - DC powered 9-30 V to terminals 1 (+), and 4 (-), also Magnetic Pickup to terminals A and B.
  • Configuration Method, by pressing SELECT button:

a). Hold 10 seconds - Enter Configuration Menu
b). Momentary Press & Release (1/2 Second) - Up/Down & Next Arrow
c). Press & Hold 1 Second - Enter/ Change Setting
d). After 20 Seconds/ Press & Hold 10 Seconds - Exit Configuration Menu

  • Setting Tachometer E 060 - 060 is Default Number of Gear (Teeth) by Dynalco Manufacturer, we have to Setting up this Value refer to our Engine Specifications, in this case: Number of Gear (Teeth), for example: E 160, E 120 and please testing again when Engine is Idle.

#Setting Hours Meter
HSEL (Hour Function) Screen
HSEL 0 - Hourmeter is disabled
HSEL 1 - Hourmeter is enabled and counts UP
HSEL 2 - Hourmeter is enabled and counts DOWN
HSEL 3 - Hourmeter is enabled, counts UP with user programmable trip
HSEL 4 - Hourmeter is enabled, counts DOWN with user programmable trip

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