MicroMotion Mass Flow Meter not Working (2700 Transmitters Display)

Mass Flow Measurement Unit = USGPM (US gal/min)

Figure 1.1 - Micro Motion 2700 Transmitters

#Configure Process Measurement
1). Start Prolink, and Connect to Physical Device. Read More: Connect to Micro Motion using Service Port and Modbus RTU (8-bit) - Prolink III.
Figure 1.2 - Process Variables (F/H300D)

2). Configure Mass Flow Measurement.
The mass flow measurement parameters control how mass flow is measured, specifies the unit of measure that will be used for the mass flow rate.
→Set Mass Flow Measurement Unit to the unit you want to use. In this case, we will use the USGPM (US gal/min), refer to Figure 1.1 above.
→Select Process Variables - Configuration - Flow.
Figure 1.3 - Configuration (Flow)
→Select Mass Flow Rate - Mass Flow Rate Unit.
Figure 1.4 - Mass Flow Rate Unit
→Select Mass Flow Rate Unit to lbs/min (pounds per minute). Note: a pound of water is equivalent to that of 0.12 gallons (converts 1 pound to gallons).
→Select Apply, and OK to message box displays.
Figure 1.5 - Select OK
Figure 1.6 - Mass Flow Rate (lbs/min)
→Select Volume Flow Rate - Volume Flow Rate Unit.
→Select Volume Flow Rate Unit to US gal/min (USGPM).
Figure 1.7 - Volume Flow Rate Unit
→Select Apply, and OK to message box displays.
Figure 1.8 - Select OK
Figure 1.9 - Volume Flow Rate Unit (US gal/min)

3). Problem solved: after changed the Mass Flow Rate Unit and Volume Flow Rate Unit.
Figure 2.1 - Flow 102.70 USGPM

#Additional Information:
→Set the "Flow Rate Damping" to 5 seconds (after you hit apply the "Flow Rate Damping" may return to 6.4 seconds), that is OK. 
→Mass, Density and Volume Meter Factor should all be set to "1.00000".
→Scroll screen down and make sure "Entrained Gas Handling" is enabled. 
→The Mass Flow and Volume Flow Cutoff should be close to "6.48159" and "0.26417" respectively, but are not critical to F300 operation. 
→Click "Apply" to save the information you just entered.

4). Density Tab
→Set Density Unit to lbs/USgal.
Figure 2.2 - Density Unit (lbs/USgal)
→Set the Density Damping value to 1 Sec (approximate).
→For new F300 meters, the K1, K2, FD, D1, D2, DT values in ProLink should match the values stamped on the meter. The temperature coefficient may be shown as TC on your tag. If the meter has been re-calibrated, the K1 and K2 values in ProLink may not match the values stamped on the meter.
→The slug high limit, slug low limit, slug duration, and low-density cutoff should be close to the values shown above but are not critical to F300 operation.

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