Micro Motion Mass Flow Meter not Working (2700 Transmitters Display)

Mass Flow Measurement Unit = USGPM (US gal/min)

Figure 1.1 - Micro Motion 2700 Transmitters

#Configure Process Measurement
1). Start Prolink, and Connect to Physical Device. Read More: Connect to Micro Motion using Service Port and Modbus RTU (8-bit) - Prolink III.
Figure 1.2 - Process Variables (F/H300D)

2). Configure Mass Flow Measurement.
The mass flow measurement parameters control how mass flow is measured, specifies the unit of measure that will be used for the mass flow rate.
→Set Mass Flow Measurement Unit to the unit you want to use. In this case, we will use the USGPM (US gal/min), refer to Figure 1.1 above.
→Select Process Variables - Configuration - Flow.
Figure 1.3 - Configuration (Flow)
→Select Mass Flow Rate - Mass Flow Rate Unit.
Figure 1.4 - Mass Flow Rate Unit
→Select Mass Flow Rate Unit to lbs/min (pounds per minute). Note: a pound of water is equivalent to that of 0.12 gallons (converts 1 pound to gallons).
→Select Apply, and OK to message box displays.
Figure 1.5 - Select OK
Figure 1.6 - Mass Flow Rate (lbs/min)
→Select Volume Flow Rate - Volume Flow Rate Unit.
→Select Volume Flow Rate Unit to US gal/min (USGPM).
Figure 1.7 - Volume Flow Rate Unit
→Select Apply, and OK to message box displays.
Figure 1.8 - Select OK
Figure 1.9 - Volume Flow Rate Unit (US gal/min)

3). Problem solved: after changed the Mass Flow Rate Unit and Volume Flow Rate Unit.
Figure 2.1 - Flow 102.70 USGPM

#Additional Information:
→Set the "Flow Rate Damping" to 5 seconds (after you hit apply the "Flow Rate Damping" may return to 6.4 seconds), that is OK. 
→Mass, Density and Volume Meter Factor should all be set to "1.00000".
→Scroll screen down and make sure "Entrained Gas Handling" is enabled. 
→The Mass Flow and Volume Flow Cutoff should be close to "6.48159" and "0.26417" respectively, but are not critical to F300 operation. 
→Click "Apply" to save the information you just entered.

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