CAT 239-9967 Bypass Messenger Harness for Flash the New CAT Messenger Display

239-9967 (Bypass Messenger Harness)
239-5025 (Messenger Display)

Figure 1.1 - CAT P/N 239-9967 and 239-5025

→Used to flash CAT Messenger display when communication through Service Connector/ Diagnostic Port is not possible.
→Used with CAT ET Software/ WinFlash.
→Power is provided by Service Connector/ Diagnostic Port.
Figure 1.2 - CAT Comm 3 Adapter and 239-9967/5025

#Configure the CAT Communication 3 Adapter, Bypass Messenger Harness, and Messenger display:
1). Connect Female Connector HD16-9-96S (Bypass Messenger Harness) to Service Connector/ Diagnostic Port on ECM. 
2). Connect Female Connector DT06-08S (Bypass Messenger Harness) to Messenger display.
3). Connect Male Connector HD14-9-96P (Bypass Messenger Harness) to CAT Communication 3 Adapter.
Figure 1.3 - Software Installation Required 

4). Open CAT ET Software and connect to the ECM. Read More: How to Connecting Caterpillar ET Software to the ECM.
5). Select Flash.
Figure 1.4 - Flash

6). Load flash file for CAT Messenger display. Read More: How to Setting the New CAT Messenger Display?
Figure 1.5 - Flash file (3145001.FLS)

7). Select Begin Flash
Figure 1.6 - Flash in Progress
→Installing Software Please Wait (on CAT Messenger display).
Figure 1.7 - Installing Software

8). Flash Completed Successfully. Select to Cat ET, return to WinFlash, or Exit the program.
Figure 1.8 - Flash completed
→Engine Speed **** RPM (on CAT Messenger display).
Figure 1.9 - Engine Speed (**** RPM)

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