Configuration Transfer: Save or Load Configuration Data (ProLink III)

Save or Load Configuration Data

Figure 1.1 - F300 Micro Motion

Configuration Data Transfer between Devices
ProLink III provides the capability to save and load configurations. The configuration transfer capabilities support easy backup and restoration of device configurations, and easy replication of configuration sets across compatible devices.

As a best practice, download all configurations to a computer as soon as your configuration is complete. You can also import configuration data that was saved in a previous version of ProLink III.

1). Save a Device Configuration
A. Connect to the device that you want to download the configuration data from. Read More: Connect to Micro Motion using Service Port and Modbus RTU (8-bit) - ProLink III.
B. Select Device Tools > Configuration Transfer > Save or Load Configuration Data.
Figure 1.2 - Configuration Transfer

C. Select the configuration data you want to save under Configuration. By default, all configuration data is selected to save to the configuration file.
Figure 1.3 - Save or Load Configuration Data (1)

D. Select Save, then specify a file name and location on your computer.
Figure 1.4 - Save As

E. Select Start Save.
Figure 1.4 - Start Save
Figure 1.5 - Data Transfer has been completed (1)

2). Restore or Load a Configuration Data
A. Click Load, then select the file to load to your device.
Figure 1.6 - Open
Figure 1.7 - Save or Load Configuration Data (2)

B. Click Start Load.
Figure 1.8 - Start Load
Figure 1.9 - Data Transfer has been completed (2)


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