The Differences between 4th and 5th Gen TCM on ALLISON Transmission

TCM (Transmission Control Module) - 4th and 5th Generation

Figure 1.1 4th Gen TCM (Allison 4700OFS)

Today, we'll trying to collect data about the differences between 4th and 5th Gen TCM on ALLISON Transmission.
Figure 1.2 - 4th and 5th Gen TCM

1). Physically
→4th Gen TCM looks like multiple-dots printed on the TCM front body, while 5th Gen TCM more like a "Transformers" symbol (refer to Figure 1.2 above).
→On the TCM rear body, there are printed information about TCM Model, Customer P/N, etc (as below example: A43 / 4700RDS, and A63 / 4700OFS). Usually, 4th Gen TCM using A43 or A53, while 5th Gen TCM using the newest model A59 or A63.
Figure 1.3 - 4th Gen TCM A43 (4700RDS)
Figure 1.4 - 5th Gen TCM A63 (4700OFS)

2). ALLISON DOC Software
We can check using Allison DOC software, whether 4th or 5th Gen TCM that installed on your equipment. 5th Gen TCM need the newer version (include: 5th Gen Files), and for 4th Gen TCM you can using both older (below 2012) or newest version of Allison DOC software. Read More: How to Connecting ALLISON Transmission using ALLISON DOC Software.
→When you click F4-Connect button, it will automatically detects the 4th or 5th Gen TCM.
Figure 1.5 - Transmission Connect (5th Gen TCM)
→Once connected, the DTC and General Information tab also displays the TCM Information about 4th or 5th Gen TCM. Read More: Display DTC (Diagnostic Trouble Codes) Information on ALLISON DOC Software.
Figure 1.6 - DTC and General Information (5th Gen TCM)
Figure 1.7 - DTC and General Information (4th Gen TCM)
→You can check the details about features for both 4th or 5th Gen TCM, through Help menu, on User Guides and Troubleshooting Manuals.
Figure 1.8 - Troubleshooting Manuals (Help)

3). ALLISON TCM Reflash (PCCS) Software
We can also check using Allison TCM Reflash (PCCS) software, through TCM Info then Display Information tab. Read More: Write Program and Calibration to TCM using ALLISON TCM Reflash (PCCS) Software (Offline).
Figure 1.9 - TCM Info (4th Gen TCM)


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