Getting Started: Cummins Update Manager (CUMMINS Engines)

Cummins® Inc. Update Manager

Figure 1.1 - Cummins Update Manager v7.5.0.20111

The Cummins® Inc. Update Manager provides a means of delivering software and related information file updates for supported Cummins Tools. Using Cummins Inc. Update Manager is an easy way to keep the electronic service tools and it’s supporting data up-to-date.

For below example, displayed: Error 50631/50632/50625/50601/50602/50626 on Cummins INSITE Software (v8.6.0.104) on starts-up, and need to update all files using Cummins Update Manager to fix the Error.
Figure 1.2 - Error on Cummins INSITE

The program can be opened in one of the following ways:
1). From the Windows Start menu, select All Programs - Cummins® Inc. Update Manager.
2). Through shortcut Cummins Update Manager on desktop.
3). Make sure, use the latest updates for Cummins Update Manager.
Figure 1.3 - Update Manager (Status)
Figure 1.4 - Select Updates

#Get Updates
1). Select Update From Internet, Update From CD/DVD or Browse from the drop-down menu (refer to Figure 1.4 above). At this time, we choose Update From Internet.
2). Click Refresh Updates (Green button).
Figure 1.5 - Refresh Updates

3). If updating from the internet, Cummins Inc. Update Manager connects to a Cummins® web server and compares the applications version and files on the PC to the files on the server.
4). Available updates, if any, are listed in the left pane under Available Updates. General information will be displayed in the Messages pane. If there are any updates available, they will be listed in the Available Updates pane (refer to Figure 1.5 above).
5). After selecting the desired updates, click on Install Updates (Folder button), then click Yes on information from Cummins Update Manager.
Figure 1.6 - Click "Yes"

6). Depending on the total update size and the speed of the internet connection, this may take several minutes. The download progress will be displayed.
Figure 1.7 - Download and Install Status

7). Once an update is downloaded, the installation process will start. The installation progress and status will be displayed.
8). After finished, click on OK to return to the update screen. If updates are available, return to step 5 or click on Exit to close.
Figure 1.8 - Update Status (completed)

#Installation History
This link will open a file that contains a listing of what has been installed and/or updated by Cummins Inc. Update Manager.
Figure 1.9 - Installation History

#Change Language
The language that Cummins Inc. Update Manager is in can be changed within the Cummins Inc. Update Manager program.
1). Select the Options tab.
2). Under Language Settings, click on the dropdown list and select the desired language.
Figure 1.10 - Language Settings

3). Click on Apply to confirm the new language setting or click on Cancel to undo the change.
4). A prompt will be displayed to restart Cummins Inc. Update Manager. Click OK.
5). Close and launch Cummins Inc. Update Manager again for language settings to take effect.

#Set-up Schedule for Update Check
1). Under Scheduled Update Check, select the reminder frequency:
  • Manually - Reminder notification is disabled.
  • Daily - Select the desired time.
  • Weekly - Select the desired day and time.
  • Monthly - Select the desired week, day, and time.
  • Automatically Install Updates – Select this option to install available updates automatically. Note: Cummins Inc. Update Manager Self-updates would not be installed.
  • Applications Will Close After – This is the time delay before an opened application, that has an update, will be closed if the update is not cancelled.
2). Click on Apply to confirm the new Scheduled Update Check options or click on Cancel to undo the changes.

After updated, Cummins INSITE (v8.6.0.116) will normally opened, with no Error.
Figure 1.11 - INSITE



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