Audit Trail on Cummins INSITE Software (CUMMINS Engines)

Audit Trail

Figure 1.1 - Audit Trail

The INSITE Audit Trail tracks changes made to ECM settings. The Audit Trail window displays records of the last four times that the ECM was modified.
→Some ECMs may display less than four records.

A new Audit Trail record is created 20 minutes after the last parameter change, in ECM time. A single record can contain multiple changes, because the 20-minute "Clock" includes all changes since the previous record.

#To Open/Close the Audit Trail window:
1). Connect diagnostic Adapter tool (Nexiq USB-Link) to diagnostic port on Cummins Engine or ECM Image. Read More: How to Connecting CUMMINS Engines using Cummins INSITE Software
2). Click Audit Trail on the Viewbar, as Figure 1.1 above.
Various data is displayed for each Audit Trail record. Use "+" and "-" in the Audit Trail window to expand and collapse details for each record, or using Right Click Menu:
Figure 1.2 - Right Click Menu
a) Expand: Select this option to expand all Audit Trail records.
b) Collapse: Select this option to collapse all Audit Trail records.
c) Refresh:
→All: Select this option to update the Audit Trail window with current data from the ECM. If an ECM is not connected, this option displays grayed out.
→Selected ECM: Select this option to update the Audit Trail window with current data for the selected ECM only. If only one ECM is in use, this option is grayed out.
d). Print: Select this option to print the Audit Trail data using your default printer.
Note: If multiple ECMs are in use, Audit Trail records are grouped for each module.

Figure 1.3 - Expand and Collapse
A. Record Number
The numeric identifier of a single Audit Trail record. Each record can contain multiple ECM changes, which can be viewed by expanding and contracting the record.

B. Tool Name
The type of tool used to modify ECM settings: either ECHEK, Compulink, VEPS, PowerSpec, DAVIE, or INSITE. If INSITE can not determine the tool that made the changes, Unknown Software is displayed.

C. Tool ID / Code
The serial number of the cartridge (for ECHEK, VEPS, and CompulinkTM systems) or a alphanumeric identifier of the software application (INSITE, DAVIE, or PowerSpec) that was used to modify ECM settings. This number is automatically read from the ECM.

D. User Type / Description
The tool used to modify ECM settings, categorized as either Software (INSITE, DAVIE, or PowerSpec), or Cartridge (ECHEK, VEPS, or Compulink). When you expand an Audit Trail record, a brief description of each ECM change is displayed.

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