Install GX Developer V8.91 Software (PLC Mitsubishi)

GX Developer V8.91 (for Windows 7/ 10)

Figure 1.1 - MELSOFT Series GX Developer

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Include the following programs:
*GX Developer Version 8
*GX Simulator Version 7
*GX Converter Version 1
*FX Configurator-EN
*MX Projx Studio Version
*GX Configurator 
*Environment of MELSOFT
*Adobe Acrobat Reader

FREE download here: GX Developer 8.91 English.

1. Open "EnvMEL" folder, and run SETUP.exe first or it will give you an Error as below.
Figure 1.2 - Severe (Error)

2. Click on autorun.exe or you can install one by one through its installation folder for each program.
Figure 1.3 - MELSOFT-Software
a). Install GX Developer, Feel FREE to Contact Us for Input Product ID (Serial Number) to complete the installation. 
Figure 1.4 - Input ProductID
Figure 1.5 - Installation completed (GX Developer)
b). Install GX Simulator.
Figure 1.6 - Installation completed (GX Simulator)
c). Install GX Converter.
Figure 1.7 - Installation completed (GX Converter)
d). Install FX Configurator-EN.
Figure 1.8 - Installation completed (FX Configurator-EN)
e). Install MX ProjxStudio.
Figure 1.9 - Installation completed (Projx Studio)
f). Install GX Configurator.
Figure 1.10 - GX Configurator AD-TI
Figure 1.11 - Installation completed (GX Configurator AD)
g). Install Environment of Melsoft.
Figure 1.12 - Setup completed (Environment of MELSOFT)
h). Click on Manuals to open the GX Developer and GX Simulator Operating Manual.
Figure 1.13 - Manuals


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