Install EASY-SOFT V6 Pro Software (PLC EATON Easy and Multi-Function Display)

EATON Easy (for Windows 7/ 8)

Figure 1.1 - PLC EATON Easy 821-DC-TC

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The easySoft programming software is available in two different versions offering different performance levels. The following versions are available:
  • easySoft-Basic - for the parameter definition of easy400/500/600/700 devices, and
  • easySoft-Pro - with the additional parameter options for easy800, MFD-Titan and ES4P devices, as well as other easyNet stations.

1). Install EATON Easy-Soft V6.20 - FREE download here: Eaton_EasySoft_V6.20, and choose "Complete" Setup Type. 
Figure 1.2 - Easy-Soft V6 Pro

2). Install EATON Easy-Soft V6.95 Update - FREE download here: Eaton_EasySoft_V6.95_update, and choose "Complete" Setup Type.
Figure 1.3 - Easy-Soft Pro 6 (update)

3). Wait until all installations are finished.. Done!
Figure 1.4 - easySoft 6 (1)
Figure 1.5 - easySoft 6 (2)

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