Install Software PLC Omron CX-ONE V4.30 - CX Programmer 9.5 Full

Install Software PLC Omron CX-ONE V4.30 - CX Programmer 9.5 Full

CX-One V4.3

Operating System: Windows 7/8/10 (32/64 bit)
-Offline Interactive PLC and HMI Simulation
-One Installation and License number for all software
-One software to support configuration and programming of PLCs, HMI, Motion & Drives, Networks, Temperature & Process Controllers, Regulation & Switching,and Sensors.

Include the following programs:
*CX-Programmer V9.5.0
*CX-Simulator V1.9.94
*SwitchBox Utility V1.6.6.0
*CX-Designer V3.5.5.0
*NV-Designer V1.1.9.0
*CX-Integrator V2. 5. 8. 0
*CX-Drive V2.9.2.11
*CX-Motion V2.38.0113
*CX-Motion Pro V1.4.4.015
*CX-Motion-MCH V2. 2. 8. 1
*CX-Motion-NCF V1. 9. 3. 1
*CX-Position V2. 5. 1. 1
*Face Plate Auto-Builder for NS V3. 1. 1. 1
*CX-Thermo V4. 6. 0 - Perangkat lunak konfigurasi untuk pengontrol suhu Omron
*CX-Protocol V1. 9. 7. 3
*CX-Process Tool V5. 2. 4. 1
*Network Configurator V3 . 5 . 6.
*CX-ConfiguratorFDT V2.0.0.3
*CX-FLnet V1. 0. 0. 6
*CX-One Upgrade Utility V1. 3. 0. 2
*CX-SerVer V5.0.8.0
*Common DriVV5.0.8.0
*TJ1 DriVer V1.6.2.0
*Generic FINS Ethernet DriVV1.1.1.0
*PLC Tools (Installed automatically)

1. Install CX-One V4.3 - CX Programmer 9.5 Full, double click pada "productsetup.exe"

2. Masukkan "CX-one V4.30 License key" : 1600-0285-8143-5387
3. Untuk CX-One V4.40 - Masukkan License key: 1600-0285-8143-5387 atau 1600-0325-7848-5341, dan untuk V4.50 - Masukkan License key: 1600-0201-1347-5300
4. Setelah selesai installation, Restart PC.


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  9. -One software to support configuration and programming of PLCs, HMI, Motion & Drives, Networks, Temperature & Process Controllers, Regulation & Switching,and Sensors.

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