Reprogramming TCM on ALLISON DOC Software (ALLISON Transmission)


Figure 1.1 - Reprogram

#Displaying Reprogramming Status
1). Select Software Configuration from the main menu bar - the Software Configuration window displays.
2). Click on the Reprogramming tab.
Figure 1.2 - Reprogramming Enabled
3). Reprogramming Status tab should have set on "Enabled". 
→Allison DOC Premium Reprogramming: Reprogramming Enabled.
→Allison DOC Premium (H 40/50 EP) Reprogramming: Reprogramming Enabled.
4). Click Cancel.

#Reprogramming TCM
NOTE: You must have obtained and entered the proper authorization code to access this feature and reprogram the TCM.

TCM Reprogramming allows for modifying Customer Modifiable Constants (CMCs) and Input/Output (I/O) information. Reprogramming is defined as modifying CMCs and I/Os in an existing calibration. Reflashing or Recalibration is defined as loading a new application program (firmware) and/or calibration into a TCM. Before the Reprogramming TCM feature can be used, a password must be obtained from the tool provider (usually Noregon Systems) and entered into the Allison DOC.

#Accessing the Reprogramming Function
1). Connect ALLISON Transmission using Allison DOC Software. Read More: How to Connecting ALLISON Transmission using ALLISON DOC Software.
2). Select Reprogram from the main menu bar (as Figure 1.1 above).
3). The Reprogram TCM window displays.
Figure 1.3 - Reprogram TCM
4). The Reprogram TCM window is divided in different sections:
  • I/O - displays modifiable I/O information.
  • Customer Modifiable Constants - displays modifiable CMCs.
  • Active Package - displays current I/O active packages.
→Reprogram TCM - command button used to reprogram the TCM after all the modifications are entered.
→Close - command button used to close the "Reprogram TCM" window.
→Print - command button used to print a report that contains current Calibration, I/O, and CMC information.
Figure 1.4 - Save the File as (Print)

→Save - saves current configuration. Protected parameters cannot be saved since they are password protected.
Figure 1.5 - Configuration Name (Save)

Figure 1.6 - Protected parameter values were not saved

→Select One
- allows the user to select a previously saved configuration from the drop-down menu.
→Delete - deletes a configuration selected from the "Select One" drop-down menu. Note that the configuration loaded must be compatible with the current vocational model.

#Reprogramming Customer Modifiable Constants (CMCs) or I/O Items
Items that can be programmed are categorized as either I/O items or CMCs. CMCs are ordered in groups. Each group contains the calibration constants that can be modified. 

Reprogrammable items include:
  • Customer Modifiable Constants (CMCs) or I/O - a description of the item to be modified.
  • Value - the current assigned value of the item. The value can be modified, as long as it's not locked.
  • Locked - whether the parameter is locked, unlocked, or not protected at all (blank).

#Reprogramming Package Assignments 
Each calibration group contains several I/O packages. The current Active Package number is diplayed near the center of the Reprogramming window. Available alternate package numbers are displayed immediately below the current package.

To reprogram the current Vocation Package number:
1). Click on the pull-down menu.
2). Select the new I/O package.
Figure 1.7 - Active Package
#Initiating Reprogramming 
Once the "Reprogram TCM" button is clicked, reprogramming will begin. This process will proceed slightly differently than for earlier TCMs:
  • Allison DOC will disconnect from the TCM during reprogramming.
  • While reprogramming, the user interface will appear slightly different.
  • After reprogramming, Allison DOC will reconnect to the TCM. 
To Initiate TCM Reprogramming:
1). Click the Reprogram TCM button.
2). A warning window displays.
Figure 1.8 - Reprogram TCM
3). If you want to continue, click Yes.
4). The tool starts reprogramming the parameters.
5). When this is complete, the tool will reconnect to the TCM.
Figure 1.9 - Attempting to Reconnect to the TCM 
6). After the connection attempt is complete, the tool will inform you of the success or failure of the reprogramming attempt.
Figure 1.10 - No Error (Successfully reprogrammed)


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