Cylinder Cutout Test using Caterpillar ET Software

Cylinder Cutout Test

The cylinder cutout test allows one cylinder or multiple cylinders to be cut out. The cylinder cutout test is useful when troubleshooting poor engine performance or a suspected injector failure.

#Test Operation:
The cylinder cutout test disables the injector by not providing the injector pulse to the solenoid. The cylinder cutout test can be performed on one injector or multiple injectors at once.

To run the Cylinder Cutout Test:
1). Connect to CAT ET Software to the ECM. Read More: How to Connecting Caterpillar ET Software to the ECM
2). Select "Diagnostic Test" from the "Diagnostics" menu, and then select "Cylinder Cutout Test" from the submenu. The "Cylinder Cutout" screen appears.
Figure 1.1 - Diagnostic Tests

3). Click Start, then select Cylinder Cutout Test, for example: choose 1-Cylinder Cutout Test.
Figure 1.2 - Select Cylinder Cutout Test

4). Click Continue, then OK.
Figure 1.3 - Warning (click OK to continue)

5). Wait until All Cycle Test (Cylinder 1-6) finished, and look at the Results on Fuel Position tab, the smallest value than the others, indicates that could be damaged on Injector (for Example: Cylinder 1).
  • The third column may be titled Fuel Position, Injector Duration, or Delivered Fuel Volume [mm3], depending on the type of application being serviced. This column displays how much fuel is flowing through the injector.
Figure 1.4 - Fuel Position
  • Cylinder Cutout Test Results: OK.
Figure 1.5 - Status (OK)
Figure 1.6 - Injection Duration

#Cylinder Cutout Test Conditions
The following conditions must be met for the Automatic Cylinder Cutout Test
1) Engine Speed must be between 980 RPM and 1020 RPM (Engine Speed will automatically adjusted)
2) Engine Coolant Temperature must be 170 Deg F or higher
3) No Engine Performance related active diagnostic codes are allowed
4) No default Injector Serial Number (000000000000) allowed
5) Throttle position must not vary by +/- 5%
Figure 1.7 - Cylinder Cutout Test: Aborted

If at any time any of these conditions are not met, the test will automatically aborted.
1) Ensure Transmission is in Neutral or Electrical Load is removed from Generator.
2) Fan cycling, A/C compressor cycling, or changes in Engine Load will invalidate this test.
3) If the fan is not controlled by the Engine ECM, please Enable the fan if possible.
  • WARNING: If the ECM controls the fan, the fan will be turned ON automatically upon starting this test.
  • WARNING: Please make sure the Compression Brake is in the OFF position. During the test, Compression Brake operation will cause the Engine to surge.

Manual Cylinder Cutout Test
  • Change – Click this button switch the selected cylinder between the "Cutout" and "Powered" mode. More than one cylinder can be in the “Cutout” state at one time.
  • This button is disabled once the Start button is clicked until either the Stop button is clicked or the test is disabled.
Figure 1.8 - Cylinder Cutout (Change)

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