Format Disk - Formatting Your Remote Target (National Instruments/ NI cRIO-9038)

Format Disk (Remote Systems)

Figure 1.1 - PLC NI cRIO-9038

Format Hard Disk = Reformats the system's hard drive to allow you to boot NI Real-Time software directly from the hard drive. This operation will destroy all data currently on the hard drive. The first time the system is booted from the hard disk after it has been formatted, it will boot into Safe Mode. Targets that support automatic IP address assignment will be assigned an IP address. For targets that do not support automatic IP address assignment, the first time the system boots from the hard drive after it has been formatted, it will boot into Safe Mode with an IP address of (refer to Figure 1.8 below). You can then configure the system's network settings and install software to the hard drive.

You can format some target hard drives from within MAX. If your target supports formatting from MAX, you can select Format Disk from the right-click context menu.

Complete the following steps to reformat your hard drive:
1). Reboot your target into user-directed Safe Mode (press and hold the RESET button for 5 seconds).
Safe Mode: Booting into this mode bypasses the normal boot programs on the RT target. Instead, it boots only essential services required for updating the RT target's configuration and installing software. Safe Mode is useful if the software on the RT target becomes corrupted, as it bypasses the corrupted software. You can then use MAX to reinstall the software.

2). Right-click on your target and select Format Disk.
→Using USBLAN port
Figure 1.2 - Format Disk
If your target supports more than one file system, select the file system you want to use. Reliance is the preferred file system for real-time targets, if available for selection, because it prevents data loss due to file system corruption.

3). The default Username is admin, and the default password is blank. So leave that space empty (by click OK).
Figure 1.3 - Log In (admin)

4). Confirm that you want to format your target. Click Format.
Figure 1.4 - Format
Caution: Formatting your target drive will destroy all data on the LabVIEW Real-Time partition of the drive.

5). Your target will reboot when formatting is complete.
Figure 1.5 - Formatting the Target
Figure 1.6 - Restart the System

6). The hard disk is reformatted. Now you must reconfigure the system.
Figure 1.7 - Safe Mode (No Software)

#Configure Network System
→Using Ethernet/LAN port
→Your remote system must have an IP address assigned to it before you can do further configuration. If your remote system is not already configured to automatically obtain an IP address, use the Network Settings tab to either manually specify an IP address or obtain one automatically.
Figure 1.8 - Network Adapter

#Install Software
→Install any relevant software that does not exist on your remote system.

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