Serial Communication with ET200S 1SI Module on PLC SIEMENS S7-300/400

1SI 3964/ASCII (6ES7 138-4DF01-0AB0)
ET200S IM 151-1 STANDARD (6ES7 151-1AA06-0AB0)

Figure 1.1 - Serial Interface RS232C (PLC S7-300) 
Serial Interface Module (ASCII)
1SI 3964/ASCII (6ES7 138-4DF01-0AB0)

The ASCII serial interface module is provided for data acquisition purposes. By default, it is configured for RS232/485 operation.


A). Product Description
The ET200S 1SI serial interface module is a plug-in module belonging to the ET200S product range. It provides access to serial communication by means of three hardware interfaces (RS 232C, RS 422, and RS 485) and two software protocols (ASCII and 3964(R)).

The ET200S 1SI interface module can be used to exchange data between automation systems or computers by means of a point-to-point connection. All communication is based on serial asynchronous transmission.

Select the communication mode when the module in the STEP 7 hardware configuration or another configuration application is parameterized. Six versions of the module appear in the hardware catalog:
• ASCII (4B)
• ASCII (8B)
• ASCII (32B)
• 3964R (4B)
• 3964R (8B)
• 3964R (32B)

8 or 32 byte data transfers increase the throughput rate but require more I/O memory on the ET200S rack, whereas 4-byte data transfers require less I/O memory on the ET200S rack but provide a lower
throughput rate. The module variant to choose depends on the application requirements.

B). Functionality of the ET200S 1SI Serial Interface Module
The ET200S 1SI serial interface module offers the following functions:
• Integrated interface in accordance with RS 232C, RS 422, or RS 485.
• Transmission rate up to 115.2 Kbaud, half duplex.
• Integration of the following transmission protocols in the module firmware:
-3964(R) procedure.
-ASCII driver.
• The parameterization of the module determines the functionality of the drivers.

C). Wiring the Serial Interfaces
For the example (as Figure 1.1 above), I'm using ATEN-USB to RS232 Adapter. The connection between terminal module and adapter is then wired as follows:
-pin 3 of the adapter at terminal 1 of the terminal module (TXD - Transmitted Data)
-pin 2 of the adapter at terminal 5 of the terminal module (RXD - Received Data)
-pin 5 of the adapter at terminal 8 of the terminal module (PE - Ground)
Figure 1.2 - Pin assignment terminal module and adapter

D). Open S7 Program on "Simatic Step 7" Software
#HW Config - Serial Data Out (1 SI ASCII 32 Byte) - 6ES7 138-4DF01-0AB0
Figure 1.3 - Serial Data (Properties - General tab)

Figure 1.4 - Serial Data (Properties - Addresses tab)
Figure 1.5 - Serial Data (Properties - Parameters tab)

#Example S7 Program "Blocks"
Figure 1.6 - Serial Testing
Figure 1.7 - ET200S_SI_1 (//RECV)
Figure 1.8 - ET200S_SI_1 (//SEND)

E). Testing: "Tera Term" - Terminal Emulator (Communications) Program
a). Open "Tera Term" or another similar program, and set your Serial Port (look at Device Manager). For example, I'm using ATEN-USB to RS232 Adapter (COM1).
Figure 2.1 - Tera Term (Serial Port)

b). Go to "Setup" - "Serial Port..." menu, and set the parameters as Figure 1.5 above, then click "OK". The Serial Data should comes out...
Figure 2.2 - Tera Term (Serial Port Setup)

c). Here details video on YT Blog.Teknisi

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