How to Make your PC or Laptop as a HMI Display (PLC SIEMENS S7-300/400)

HMI (Human Machine Interface)

Figure 1.1 - Simatic Multi Panel (Siemens Touchscreen) 

You need to install both "Simatic Step 7" and "WinCC Flexible" Software from Siemens. Today, we'll try to make a connection between PLC S7-300 and your PC or Laptop using "Ethernet" Port.

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#Connecting a PG/PC via Industrial Ethernet
1). Make connection: LAN cable (Cat 5) to Ethernet Port (P1 or P2) on PLC S7-300 (CPU317-2 PN/DP) to your PC or Laptop.
Figure 1.2 - Ethernet Port (P1 or P2)

2). Open "Simatic Step 7" Software: Options - Set PG/PC Interface... menu.
Figure 1.3 - Set PG/PC Interface

3). Make sure: "Ethernet Network Connection.TCPIP.Auto.1" is Active. You can check through Diagnostics.., then click Test button (Results: OK).
Figure 1.4 - Diagnostics (Test) Interface

4). Click on Properties... - Network Properties button to set IP address on your PC or Laptop. All PROFINET devices use the TCP/IP protocol. For this reason, they need IP address when operated on the Ethernet.
Figure 1.5 - Network Properties 

5). On Local Area Connection: double click - Properties - Internet Protocol Version 4 TCP/IPv4, and set your IP address and Subnet mask, then click OK.
Figure 1.6 - IP address and Subnet mask

6). Next: Go to PLC - Edit Ethernet Node... menu.
Figure 1.7 - PLC (Edit Ethernet Node...)

7). Click Browse... it will automatically searching (or click Start button) the IP address for the PLC S7-300. Once done, click OK.
Figure 1.8 - Browse Network (PLC - IP address)
Figure 1.9 - Click Close

8). If we look at the configuration in HWI Config (Ethernet Address Assignment), to configure an Ethernet you must assign a MAC address or IP address to the Ethernet interface.
Figure 2.1 - Ethernet Address Assignment

#Set a HMI Display
1). Open "WinCC Flexible" Software, click on Project - Retrieve... menu. Then load/choose your WinCC Flexible RT document. 
Figure 2.2 - Project (Retrieve...)
Figure 2.3 - Open PROJECT_1.hmi
Figure 2.4 - Start Screen

2). Set the Communication using Ethernet (Interface), input both IP address your PC or Laptop (HMI device) and the PLC/Station (PLC device). Then click Start runtime system, wait until the Output compiler is finished.
Figure 2.5 - Ethernet (Interface)
Figure 2.6 - Compiling finished

3). If the connection is correct, a HMI Display on your PC or Laptop should appears as your "Simatic Multi Panel" (as Figure 1.1 above).
Figure 2.7 - HMI Display on PC/Laptop (correct)

4). If the connection is failed, a HMI Display on your PC or Laptop will displays the "#####" values.
Figure 2.8 - HMI Display on PC/Laptop (failed)


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