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Engine Overspeed Signal (DDEC IV)

Figure 1.1 - Engine Overspeed (Engine Check)
#Engine Overspeed Test
#Engine Overspeed

#Engine Overspeed
The Engine Overspeed Digital Output is switched to ground when a calibrated Engine Overspeed Enable speed is exceeded. The output remains closed until the Engine speed reaches or drops below another calibrated Engine Overspeed Disable speed.
→Input & Output
→Output Functions (A1 988 - ENGINE OVERSPEED), located on the Vehicle Interface Harness.
Figure 1.2 - Engine Overspeed (A1 988)
An option is available to log a Fault Code when the Engine speed meets or exceeds the minimum of the Overspeed Enable speed and rpm Overspeed calibrations. The Fault that will be logged is PID 190 FMI 14, Flash Code 85 – Engine Overspeed Signal.
→ Engine Overspeed (Release 29.0 or later/ function number 39).
Figure 1.3 - Code 85 (Engine Overspeed Signal)

A low-side Digital Output circuit is capable of sinking less than or equal to 1.5A and have less than 85 mH of inductance.
→Install additional Relay for Emergency Kill and Engine Overspeed Signal.
Figure 1.4 - Emergency Kill and Engine Overspeed Signal
→Install 12VDC Solenoid (ASO Valve) for Output the additional Relay.
Figure 1.5 - 12VDC Solenoid (ASO Valve) 

To accessing the Engine Overspeed Signal (Enable/Disable RPM):
1). Open DRS Comms Settings, and Select Comms Protocol, Interface Hardware, and Baud Rate.
2). Open DDEC Reprogramming System.
Figure 1.6 - DDEC Reprogramming System
3). Select Update Customer Calibration.
Figure 1.7 - DDEC IV Customer Calibration Upload 
4). Select Miscellaneous/ Misc tab.
→Engine Overspeed
Figure 1.8 - Engine Overspeed (Misc)
→Signal Enable (rpm) = 2500
→Signal Disable (rpm) = 2500
→Signal Fault Enable = (√)
5). The Signal Enable and Disable Overspeed values can be set between 600-2500 RPM.
Figure 1.9 - Signal Enable/Disable RPM
→Click on Send Customer Calibration.
For DDEC, enter the ECM's password into the Customer Password box (for security, the numbers you type will not be shown). Feel FREE to Contact Us.
Figure 2.1 - Successfully Downloaded Calibration
6). Starts the Engine, and increase Engine RPM above the Signal Enable/Disable values (above 1200 RPM). A Flash Code 85 (Engine Overspeed Signal) will display on the EDM (refer to Figure 1.1 and 1.3 above). 
Figure 2.2 - Engine Overspeed Signal (Flash 85)


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