Hand Throttle for Variable Speed Governor (VSG) on DETROIT Engines

Variable Speed Governor (VSG), also referred to as PTO (Power Take-Off)

Figure 1.1 - EDM and Engine Throttle (Detroit Series 60) 

Hand Throttle
A Hand Throttle (Variable Resistor/ Potentiometer), refer to Figure 1.1 above, used to sense throttle position. The total resistance must be between 1 kΩ and 10 kΩ, and the output should be between 0.5 and 4.5 Vdc (Analog Output).

When active, the Hand Throttle will control the Engine speed on the VSG between the VSG minimum speed and the VSG maximum speed. Read More: Engine RPM Settings using Detroit Diesel Diagnostic Link (DDDL) Software.

(A). Sensor Wiring
Figure 1.2 - VSG Circuit
A1 (Wire #916 - Socket C), Sensor Supply (4-6 Vdc)
C3 (Wire #952 - Socket A), Sensor Return
D1 (Wire #510 - Socket B), Sensor Signal (VSG)

(B). Hand Throttle Sensor Adjustment
Connect to DDDL Software, and select Diagnostic Instrumentation menu. Read More: Diagnostic Instrumentation using Detroit Diesel Diagnostic Link (DDDL).
→Select to List ^5 - Mechanical display.
→Monitoring VSG Set Speed and VSG Counts.
The count value set at Idle (VSG Set Speed: minimum throttle), the VSG Counts MUST be greater than 48 counts. If the count value is less than 48 counts, adjust Idle position (low-speed) stops on the Hand Throttle sensor.
Figure 1.3 - VSG Counts (Idle: 145)

(C). Check Calibration
→Dial throttle to Full Throttle (VSG Set Speed: maximum throttle).
If the VSG counts are greater than 968, adjust the maximum throttle travel. If not adjustable, replace the throttle control.
Figure 1.4 - VSG Counts (Full: 921)

(D). Starts the Engine
→Select to List ^5 - EGR display.
→Monitoring Active Governor and Engine Speed value.
When Engine running at Idle, the Active Governor value will change from None to Idle. Trying to increase/decrease the Engine RPM, the Active Governor value will change to VSG.
Figure 1.5 - Active Governor (Idle)
Figure 1.6 - Active Governor (VSG)
Hand Throttle: Kongsberg/ Kong Willis 6
P/N: 317902-10CS-64 CCW
S/N: 1726868176

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