Connecting to the MC-III Interface Software for MC-III Flow Analyzer Display

MC-III Interface Software

Figure 1.1 - MC-III Panel Mount 

The MC-III Interface software provides easy access to all configuration parameters and is the quickest way to configure the device. Instead of navigating keypad menus, users can enter configuration parameters with the computer keyboard.
Figure 1.2 - MC-III Main (Blog.Teknisi)

1). Installing the Software
→Click on "Next" to initiate the installation, and follow the instructions on the screen. An MC-III icon will appear on the desktop of the user's PC or laptop when installation is complete. FREE download here.
→To access the interface software, click on the MC-III icon on your desktop or go the Start menu and select Programs>NuFlo>MC-III>MC-III.
Figure 1.3 - MC-III Interface Software

2). Connecting to the Software
→Select a communications port from the dropdown list and click OK.
Figure 1.4 - Select COM Port...
→The software will attempt to connect with the MC-III (via an RS-485 to RS-232 converter). This automatic launch feature is referred to as an Express Connect.
Figure 1.5 - COM4 Serial Port (OK)
→If the internal time and date programmed into the instrument differs from the time and date displayed on the computer by more than 60 seconds, the software will prompt the user to synchronize the instrument time/date to match the computer time/date. This ensures that the instrument displays correct time, regardless of time zone differences.

3). Automating Functions on Software Startup
→When the software connects with the instrument, the Device Autorun Options screen appears. From this screen, users can configure the instrument, download logs, or upload previously saved configuration settings.
Figure 1.6 - Device Autorun Options
→Click Do It Now.
Figure 1.7 - MC-III Main Screen

#MC-III Main Screen
The MC-III Main menu screen (Figure 1.7) is the configuration hub of the MC-III. From the Main screen, users can;
• Review all current instrument settings and flow readings
• Check the log archive and instrument status
• Access all submenus for changing configurable parameters
• Reset the total to zero

Data Display and Updates
→Each time the software polls the instrument, a small icon appears briefly in the lower left corner of the screen. If the Live Updates checkbox in the lower right corner of the screen is checked, the instrument settings and the LCD displays will automatically update with each poll.

Reset Flow Total Button
→The flow total can be reset to zero at any time by clicking on the Reset Flow Total button. 
Figure 1.8 - Reset Flow Total
→Click Yes.
Figure 1.9 - Zero Flow Total

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