Calibration Label for Allison Transmission Control Module

TCM - Transmission Control Module
Figure 1.1 - TCM for 4700OFS (4th Gen)

→Installed by Allison Transmission, contains the following information:
a). TCM+CAL ASSY = TCM + Calibration Assembly Number (A43001XY)
b). CIN = Calibration Identification Number (48001XY006E)
c). MODEL = Transmission Model (4700OFS)
d). GOV RPM = Engine Governed RPM (2100)
e). THROTTLE = Throttle Position Sensor Requirement (J-1939/ SAE Protocols)
f). PRI MODE = Primary Mode Range (1257-S1)
g). SEC MODE = Secondary Mode Range (1257-TF)
h). VOLTAGE = Nominal Input Voltage Requirement (12-24)
i). CUSTOMER P/N = Customer Part Number (101392224)

Figure 1.2 - TCM for 4700RDS (4th Gen)

→Typical Allison DOC Information:
Figure 1.3 - TCM Information
a). Cal ID = Calibration Identification (4800AZF0035)
b). Software Level (8FJ)
c). Serial Number (BK5324N38060C4XT)
d). Part Number (29545324)
e). TCM Date (TBD = to be determined)
f). HCN = Hardware Compatibility Number (28)
g). CCN = Calibration Compatibility Number (A68)
h). VIN = Vehicle Identification Number (702423R)
i). This Tool S/N (195188)
j). Last Tool S/N (73972)
k). Vocational Model (4700RDS)
l). Calibration Group/ Active Package (102/ 149)
m). Customized Datalink (Not Available)
n). TID = TransID, or Transmission Identifier Digit (Level A)
o). Translator Device (Caterpillar CA3)
p). Communication Protocol (250K)
q). Version (CA3rp32 API=2.0; DLL=4.4.0)
→API = Application Programming Interface
→DLL = Dynamic-Link Library
r). Tool Version Number (Version 2017.2.0/ Allison DOC)

Figure 1.4 - TCM Nameplate
a). BASE P/N = Base Part Number/ Part Number Assembly (29551869)
b). CIN or S/N = BK1869A902815195
c). MODEL = 4700OFS
d). TCM A59 12V/24V (Supplier P/N = 28598676)

#When replacing a TCM:
1). Locate the label/ nameplate attached to the TCM.
2). Order the uncalibrated core Part Number, which is the first three characters.
3). Have the correct Calibration/ CIN installed on the new core.
4). If the correct uncalibrated core Part Number is unavailable, order core Part Number A43 (4th Gen), or A63 (5th Gen) and have the "Same As Except" calibration installed. When this occurs, review the TCM hardware capabilities to ensure the vehicle still has the proper content.

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