FREE ALLISON DOC Software: Diagnostic Reports on ALLISON Transmission

Diagnostic Reports

Figure 1.1 - Diagnostic Reports (Reports)

The Diagnostic Reports contain the Transmission information displayed in ALLISON DOC. The User can select the data to save or print in these reports.

Saving Diagnostic Reports
1). Connect ALLISON Transmission using ALLISON DOC Software. Read More: How to Connecting ALLISON Transmission using ALLISON DOC Software.
2). Select Diagnostic Reports from the Reports menu. The Report Sections window will displays.
Figure 1.2 Report Sections
3). Type a Customer Name and any relevant comments you might want to add as references.
4). Select any or all of the available Report Sections to save.
Figure 1.3 - Customer Name/ Comments/ Customize Your Report
5). Click the Save button - the Report Name dialog box will displays.
Figure 1.4 - Report Name
6). Type a unique name for the report.
7). Click the OK button - the report is saved under the name typed in the Report Name dialog box. Note: Reports are saved at C://Users/Public/Public Documents/Allison Transmission/Allison DOC For PC - Service Tool/Reports/
→You don't have to exit the Report Sections window to display a report on the screen.

Displaying Saved Diagnostic Reports
1). Select a report from the drop-down list of Saved Reports.
Figure 1.5 - Select One/ Saved Reports
2). Click the Load button - the selected report will displays in "WordPad" or "Notepad".
Figure 1.6 - Test 5th Gen Files (Notepad)
3). The reports may be printed or saved as a text file. Saved Reports can be displayed on the screen. All reports are formatted with calibration information at the beginning of the reports. 

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