FREE Cummins INSITE Software: PTO/Remote PTO Test (Signature/ISX - Remote Throttle)

Remote PTO

Figure 1.1 - Remote Throttle PTO (Chassis Engine)

1). Access the Features and Parameters for PTO/Remote PTO and Remote PTO settings. Read More: Power Take-Off (PTO) Operation on CUMMINS Engines.
Figure 1.2 - PTO/Remote PTO (Adjustable Parameters)
→PTO/Remote PTO = Enable
→Remote PTO = Enable
→Maximum Engine Speed = 1950 RPM
→Minimum Engine Speed = 700 RPM

2). Use the Data Monitor/Logger to view parameters for monitoring the PTO/Remote PTO and Remote PTO settings. Read More: Data Monitor/Logger on Cummins INSITE Software (CUMMINS Engines).
Figure 1.3 - Data Monitor/Logger (Custom)
Starts the Engine, and wait until the Air Supply is provided before the PTO operation.
#Monitoring parameters related to PTO/Remote PTO and Remote PTO:
→Engine Speed = 800 RPM
→PTO Additional Switch = Off
→Remote Throttle Switch = Off

3). Activate the PTO operation.
Figure 1.4 - Remote Throttle Switch (On)
Depressed the Clutch, PTO On/Off Switch to ON, and Transmission to D (Drive) or the Lowest Gear, and slowly released the Clutch.
→Engine Speed = 800 RPM
→PTO Additional Switch = On (as PTO Signals/ PTO Engage Sense to ECM and Dash Panel/ PTO Telltale, and activate the PTO Solenoid). *for example: apply N/O Pressure Switch (for PTO Engaged Indicator Switch).
→Remote Throttle Switch = On

4). Now the Remote Throttle Switch signal is ON. Use the Remote Throttle (Throttle with Knob) to increase/decrease the Engine Speed (Chassis Engine) as the settings on PTO/Remote PTO parameters (refer to Figure 1.2 above).
Figure 1.5 - Engine Speed (1496 RPM)

*Additional Information:
→Remote Throttle Position Signal - OEM Connector (Pin 21)
→Remote PTO Enable Switch Signal - OEM Connector (Pin 34)
→Remote Throttle Enable Switch Signal - OEM Connector (Pin 43)

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