Detroit Diesel Diagnostic Link (DDDL) Software: Audit Trail and Set ECM Clock

Audit Trail and Set ECM Clock

Figure 1.1 - Set ECM Clock (Set Clock)

#Audit Trail (DDEC only)
To display an Audit Trail of calibration changes:
1). Connect DETROIT Engine (60 Series) using Detroit Diesel Diagnostic Link (DDDL v6.50). Read More: How to Connecting DETROIT Engines using Detroit Diesel Diagnostic Link (DDDL).

2). Choose Audit Trail from the Calibration menu to display the Audit Trail dialog box:
Figure 1.2 - Calibration (Audit Trail)

3). Click on the Calibration tab to see details of changes to the ECM calibration. Click on the Injector tab to see details of changes to the Injector Calibration, click on the Clock/Calendar tab to see details of changes to the ECM clock, and click on the Vehicle Speed tab to see details of changes in parameters that affect the maximum vehicle speed.
Figure 1.3 - Audit Trail (Calibration)
Figure 1.4 - Audit Trail (Injector)
Figure 1.5 - Audit Trail (Clock/Calendar)
Figure 1.6 - Audit Trail (Vehicle Speed)

4). The Audit Trail shows when the changes were made, the identifier of the tool used to make the changes and the number of Engine hours.

5). To print the data in the Audit Trails dialog Box:
→Press Print.
→The Print dialog box will be displayed so that you can choose how to print the data. This dialog box is also displayed when you choose Print from the File menu.

Set ECM Clock (DDEC III, IV, V and MBE only)
To set the clock in a DDEC III, DDEC IV and DDEC V (this function is not available for DDEC II) or an MBE engine:
1). Choose Set ECM Clock from the Calibration menu to display the Set ECM clock dialog box.
Figure 1.7 - Calibration (Set ECM Clock)

2). Check the Time Zone has been set correctly on your PC - this is very important as it is used to convert the local time shown in the other boxes to the universal time actually stored in the ECM.

3). Set the new time and date in the New ECM time box.
4). For a DDEC, enter your Calibration Password (The Password box is disabled for MBE). Feel FREE to Contact Us.
5). Press Set Clock to set the clock in the ECM and close the dialog box.
Figure 1.8 - Setting Time (Set Clock)
Figure 1.9 - ECM Clock Successfully Changed

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