Check the VSV (Vacuum Switching Valve) using TECHSTREAM (TIS) Software

VSV for EVAP Control

Figure 1.1 - Vacuum Switching Valve 

1). Inspect Purge VSV
  • Using an ohmmeter, measure the resistance between the terminals: 23-26 ohms at 20 °C (68 °F).
  • Tester Connection: 1-2
  • Genuine Toyota: 90910-12199 (Vacuum Switch Valve)
2). Check the Operation.
  • Check that air does not flow from port E to F.
  • Apply battery voltage across the terminals.
  • Check that air flows from port E to F.
  • If the operation is not as specified, replace the purge VSV.

3). Using TECHSTREAM (TIS) Software.
#Activate the VSV for Evap Control
Figure 1.2 - System Selection Menu
  • Click "Active Test" on the left-side menu, and "Active Test Selection" displayed as Figure 1.3 below. Choose "Activate the VSV for Evap Control" from Active Test List, then click "OK".
Figure 1.3 - Active Test Selection
-This test activates the EVAP Purge VSV.
-Command: ON/OFF.
-Only EVAP VSV is commanded during this test.
Figure 1.4 - Activate the VSV for Evap Control (OFF)
  • Click on ">" to activate (ON) "EVAP Purge VSV", and "<" to deactivate (OFF). Please monitoring the "EVAP (Purge) VSV", will open and reading in percent (29.8%). Then manually check the VSV on your Car, and should working (sounds: continuous "CLICK").
Figure 1.5 - Activate the VSV for Evap Control (ON)

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