Check the Cylinder Compression using TECHSTREAM (TIS) Software

Check the Cylinder Compression

Figure 1.1 - Check the Cylinder Compression (1)

1). Manually using the pressure gauge (cylinder compression pressure).
  • Remove Cylinder Head cover.
  • Remove 4 Ignition Coil.
  • Remove 4 Spark Plug (Busi).
  • Remove connector Fuel Injector.
-Install compression gauge to the Spark Plug port.
-Place the throttle on fully open.
-START (cranking) the engine, and measure through the compression gauge.
  • 1471 kPa (15.0 kgf/cm², 213 psi)
  • Minimum pressure: 1079 kPa (11.0 kgf/cm², 156 psi)
  • Differences between the cylinder: 98 kPa (1.0 kgf/cm², 14 psi or less)
-Use fully charged-battery, So the Engine Speed while START can reach 250 rpm or more.
-Inspect the another cylinder with the same way.

2). Using TECHSTREAM (TIS) Software.
#Check the Cylinder Compression
Figure 1.2 - System Selection Menu
  • Click "Active Test" on the left side menu, and "Active Test Selection" displayed as Figure 1.3 below. Choose "Check the Cylinder Compression" from the "Active Test List", then click "OK".
Figure 1.3 - Active Test Selection

On this "Active Test", Fuel and Ignition all cylinders are cut, cranking occurs for approximately 10 seconds. Then, each cylinder measures the Engine rpm. If a cylinder's Engine rpm is higher than the other, that cylinder's compression pressure is compared to the other, and is determined whether it is low or not.

Operate with Ignition ON, Engine OFF, Shift Selector in P (AT) or Neutral (MT).
-Command: ON/ OFF.

This test requires the Engine to crank continuously for approximately 10 seconds. Push button ignition switches may require button to be held down for approximately 5 to 10 seconds to complete this test. Please connect a battery charger if insufficient battery voltage.     
  • Change monitoring "Data List" to "Compression", we need to monitoring the "Engine Speed of Cyl #1 - #4". Read MoreMonitoring Parameter Data List on Your Car (Real Time) using TECHSTREAM (TIS Software).
  • Click on "<" to activate (ON), and ">" to deactivate (OFF).
  • When the "Check the Cylinder Compression" ON, cranking/ START the Engine for approximately more than 10 seconds, and please monitoring the Engine Speed from each cylinder (Cyl #1 - #4).
Figure 1.4 - Check the Cylinder Compression (ON)


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  1. the pass/fail values provided are in psi but the techstream readout is in rpm. I doubt Toyota lost something in translation 🤔