Monitoring Parameter Data List on your Car (Real Time) using TECHSTREAM (TIS Software)

Monitoring Parameter Data List (Real Time)

Figure 1.1 Data List - Primary

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Figure 1.2 - Engine and ECT
  • Click "Data List" on left-side menu, and the Data of "Parameter List" displayed as Figure 1.1 above.
  • Choose "Parameter Group List" to display the specific breakdown parameter.
Figure 1.3 - Parameter Group List
Figure 1.4 - Vehicle Information
Figure 1.5 - All Data
Figure 1.6 - Engine Control

-New List Button: Enables the user to create a list with fewer parameters. Parameters may be clicked and highlighted to be carried over to a new list with only these parameters. A list with fewer parameters may substantially increase the refresh rate of the values displayed.
-Remove Button: Deletes the selected row from the current Parameter List.
-Data Manager Button: Displays the Data List Manager.
-Graph Button: Displays the Data List Manager.
Figure 1.7 - Graphic 
-Record Button: Starts Recording the Data List (Unplanned Recording). The Record button can be pressed even when Live data is being displayed. Live data can be recorded by pushing the Record button when in Manual Mode.When recording using the Record button, the settings are as follows.
  • Trigger Classification:  Manual
  • Max. Recording Time:  30 sec.
  • Trigger Position:  50 %
  • Snapshot can be started by pressing the space key.
  • The space key is set as default, but it can be changed by setting up a hotkey.
-Fuel Consumption Button: Launches the Fuel Consumption function. This button only displays on the Engine tab.


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