Injection Disabled on Status Flags Caterpillar ET Software

Injection Disabled

Figure 1.1 - Status Flags (Injection Disabled, Cold Mode, and No Engine Speed)

→If a SHUTDOWN is active, Injection Disabled will appear on Status Flags Caterpillar ET.
→An Engine shutdown event will appear on a CAN J1939 device if the device is capable of displaying Diagnostic Codes.
→No active error on Engine's display (such as: Murphy PowerView, etc), but Engine can't STARTS (Cranking only). 

#Possible Causes:

1). Engine Overspeed Shutdown

2). 75% Overspeed Verify Switch (OS Verify)
  • Faulty on wiring, switches, or connectors.
  • Check the 75% Overspeed Verify Switch (If installed), it will sending "Ground Signal" to the ECM while activated (Overspeed Test Switch).
  • ECM pin 54 (C-15 Engine).
Figure 1.2 - OS Verify Switch (Remote Panel C-15)

3). Low Engine Coolant Level Shutdown
  • The Engine has been running for one minute and the Coolant Level is not being detected by the Coolant Level Sensor. Read More: Event Codes: Low Coolant Level Shutdown (Error Code: 111).
  • Check the Engine Coolant Level.
  • Check on Caterpillar ET, Status - Configuration Tool for Coolant Level Sensor (Installed or Not Installed).
Figure 1.3 - Coolant Level Sensor (Config Tool)
  • Check settings on Monitoring System - Low Coolant Level.
  • ECM pin 49 (C-15 Engine).
Figure 1.4 - Low Coolant Level (Monitoring System)

4). Remote Shutdown Switch
  • Check for additional "Remote Shutdown Switch" on the Engine Sensor Shutdown System (If installed).
  • ECM pin 44 (C-15 Engine).
  • Check on Caterpillar ET (through Status Tool), and monitor User Shutdown (Value: On/Off), Remote Emergency Stop (E-Stop) Switch Position (Value: On/Off), or Start/Run/Stop Switch (Value: Run/Stop). Read More: Start/Stop/Switch on Caterpillar ET Software.
#Start/Run/Stop Switch (Ignition Switch)
Figure 1.5 - Ignition Switch (Stop)
#User Shutdown
Figure 1.6 - User Shutdown (Value: On)

#Remote Emergency Stop (E-Stop) Switch Position
Figure 1.7 - Emergency Stop (E-Stop) Switch Position (Value: On)

No Engine Speed
It's normal to see the "No Engine Speed" on Status Flags while power switched ON or Engine Cranking. It will not go away until the Engine Starts, even when you are seeing Engine Speed in Status Tool on CAT ET Software.


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