Engine Overspeed: How to Setting or Testing using Caterpillar ET Software?

SPN 190 - FMI 0 (Event Codes) - E362 (Engine Overspeed Warning/ Shutdown)

Figure 1.1 - SPN 190 FMI 0 (Murphy PowerView)

#Engine Overspeed

#Engine Overspeed Test
1). Connect CAT ET Software to diagnostic port on the ECM. Read More: How to Connecting Caterpillar ET Software to the ECM.

2). Select Service, then Monitoring System menu.
Figure 1.2 - Monitoring System (Service)

3). Just to make sure, before setting up the Monitoring System menu, need to set Unlocked on Monitoring System Configuration Access, through menu Service then Parameter Lockout. Read More: Accessing Parameter Lockout on Caterpillar ET Software.
Figure 1.3 - Monitoring System Configuration Access

4). Back to Monitoring System menu, click on Engine Overspeed sub-menu. Change Monitor System window displays, then edit the value on Trip Point (rpm): 1000-2600 (Least Severe - Warning), 1000-2800 (Most Severe - Shutdown).
Figure 1.4 - Monitoring System (Engine Overspeed)
Figure 1.5 - Change Monitor System (Engine Overspeed)

5). For example: set the Trip Point to 1000 (rpm) for Least Severe (1) - Warning, and set 1100 (rpm) for Most Severe (3) - Shutdown, then try to testing the Engine Overspeed function while Engine is running. When the Engine speed reached 1000 (rpm), the Engine Overspeed Warning E362 (1) - SPN 190 FMI 15, will displays as below:
Figure 1.6 - Engine Overspeed Warning E362 (1)
→Engine Overspeed Warning (SPN 190 - FMI 15) on Murphy PowerView Display.
Figure 1.7 - SPN 190 FMI 15 (Murphy PowerView)

And when the Engine speed reached 1100 (rpm), the Engine should be shutdown suddenly (the ECM will activated the Air Shutoff/ASO Valve or Injection Disabled and Engine Overspeed Shutdown E362 (3) on Status Flags, with Event Code: SPN 190 - FMI 0, refer to Figure 1.1 above. Read More: Injection Disabled on Status Flags Caterpillar ET Software.
Figure 1.8 - Engine Overspeed Shutdown E362 (3)

-Engine Overspeed
-High Auxiliary Pressure
-High Auxiliary Temperature
-High Engine Coolant Temperature
-High Engine Inlet Air Temperature
-High Fuel Filter Pressure Restriction
-High Fuel Pressure
-High Fuel Temperature
-Low Coolant Level
-Low Engine Oil Pressure

#Additional Information:
Depending on the type of application being serviced, the Allowed Values for Trip Point (rpm) can be differed between 1000-2600 or 1800-2600.
Figure 2.1 - Trip Point (rpm): 1800-2600

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