SPN 94 - FMI 15 (Event Codes: Fuel Filter Restriction Warning)

SPN94 FMI15 - E095 (1)

Figure 1.1 - SPN94 FMI15 (Murphy PowerView)

E095 Fuel Filter Restriction Warning 

Conditions Which Generate This Code:
The engine has been running for 60 seconds and the Electronic Control Module (ECM) has identified fuel pressure less than 250 kPa (36 psi) for 10 seconds.

System Response:
→The ECM will log the event.
→The low fuel pressure warning will deactivate when the fuel pressure rises above 260 kPa (37 psi) for four seconds.
→Engine operation is not affected.

Test Step 1. Replace the Fuel Filter
A. Replace the Engine's fuel filter. Prime the fuel system.
B. Start the Engine. Use Caterpillar Electronic Technician (ET) to check for another occurrence of the event.
Expected Result: The event does not recur.
OK - The event does not recur. Stop.
Not OK - The ECM is detecting an abnormal fuel pressure in the fuel system.

Test Step 2. Fuel System Pressure Test (Low Pressure)
Low fuel pressure can cause the Engine to have low power. Low fuel pressure can also cause cavitation in the fuel system. Cavitation of the fuel can damage the fuel Injectors. The following conditions can cause low fuel pressure:
Plugged fuel filters
Debris in the check valves for the Fuel Priming Pump
Debris in the pressure regulating valve
Partially open check valve
Sticking or worn fuel pressure regulating valve in the Fuel Transfer Pump
Severe wear on return fuel pressure regulating valve in the fuel filter base
Worn gears in the Fuel Transfer Pump
Pinched fuel lines or undersized fuel lines
Old fuel lines that have a reduced interior diameter that was caused by swelling
Fuel lines with deteriorating interior surfaces
Pinched fuel line fittings or undersized fuel line fittings
Debris in the fuel tank, fuel lines, or fuel system components that create restrictions

#Fuel Pressure Readings
The typical fuel pressure of the Engine at operating temperature can vary. At low idle, the fuel pressure can be 538 kPa (78 psi). At high rpm, the fuel pressure can be 641 kPa (93 psi).
Figure 1.2 - Fuel Press 89 Psi (Murphy PowerView)

The performance of the unit Injector deteriorates when the fuel pressure drops below 241 kPa (35 psi). Low power complaints and erratic operation can occur in this situation. Check for a plugged fuel filter or air in the fuel lines as possible causes for these complaints before replacing fuel system components.
Figure 1.3 - Logged Event Codes: E095 (1)


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