Setting Password for Codeplug using Customer Programming Software (CPS 2.0)

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Figure 1.1 - Password

Codeplug Password

This feature sets a password for the current codeplug.

The password prompt appears when users attempt to do any of these features: Read, Write, Clone, or Remote update (refer to Figure 1.1 above). This is a radio-wide feature.

#Setting Password for Codeplug
1). Open the source codeplug archive by clicking the Open button in the Actions bar. The user can also read the data from a Radio. Read More: Reading Data from a Radio using Customer Programming Software (CPS 2.0).
2). Select General (General Settings) - General section.
Figure 1.2 - General (General Settings)
3). Select Codeplug Password
→Enter up to a maximum of eight characters. Valid characters are alphanumerics, spaces, and special characters. Trailing spaces are ignored. The password is masked by solid dots.
Figure 1.3 - Check for Password
Check for Password - This drop-down list allows the user to select the password policy for the codeplug password (None, Read Only or Read/Write).
Maximum Check for Passwords Attempts - This configuration allows the user to specify how many attempts to enter the codeplug password is allowed by the Radio before the Radio is locked.
4). Save the changes and close the codeplug file.
Figure 1.4 - Codeplug Password
→In addition, if the user wants to set a password on the Radio, Write the file to the Radio. Read More: Writing Data to a Radio using Customer Programming Software (CPS 2.0).
Figure 1.5 - Writing Codeplug...
→The password prompt appears the next time the user tries to open this codeplug file or Read/Write from/to the Radio.

#Removing Previously Set Password from the Codeplug
1). Clear the Codeplug Password text box.
2). Save the changes.
Figure 1.6 - Check for Password (None)
→If the user wants to clear the password on the Radio, Write the file to the Radio, at which time they will be prompted for their current password.
Figure 1.7 - Password (current)
3). Close the archived file. The user will not be prompted the next time they try to open this file or Read/Write from/to the Radio. 

→There is no known method of retrieving a lost or forgotten password. The Radio can only be recovered using the Device Recover feature to load the default codeplug into the Radio.
→Password in the archive is validated while opening an archive.
→After the user has performed a read operation using a valid master password, this feature is set to the default value. This dependency is only applicable when Check for Password is visible.
→The user is not allowed to input all space as password.
→Password is case-sensitive.


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