APC PowerChute - Installing PowerChute Business Edition for Smart-UPS (APC UPS Software)

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Figure 1.1 - PowerChute Business Edition v9.5 (CD-ROM)

PowerChute™ Business Edition

PowerChute™ Business Edition (PowerChute) provides UPS Management, System Shutdown, and Energy Management for devices connected to the UPS, via Serial or USB Interface.
Figure 1.2 - Serial/ USB Interface
In the case of a UPS critical event, the software performs a graceful system shutdown of connected devices before the UPS battery is exhausted.

Following installation, configure the software using the PowerChute Initial Setup wizard. This ensures that PowerChute is configured to monitor and manage your system for power events.

1). Installing the PowerChute Agent.
Install the software from the CD-ROM or download from APC website: APC Software & Firmware Download.
→Automatically search all communications ports for a UPS or Manual UPS detection.
Figure 1.2 - UPS Model (SUA5000)
→Username and Password Requirements.
Figure 1.3 - Username and Password
 →Connect Serial or USB Interface, and select the Communication Port.
Figure 1.4 - Communication Port

2). How to Log On.
→Select the Windows Start button, then select PowerChute Business Edition.
Figure 1.5 - This site is not secure (https://localhost:6547/)
When you first access the Agent, the browser gives an error saying the security certificate is not trusted (refer to Figure 1.5). Click on More information, and Go on to the webpage (not recommended)
→Log On - Enter a Username and Password.
Figure 1.6 - Log On (Username and Password)
→After you Log In, you will see the Initial Setup screen which helps you configure your shutdown settings. Click Next or Cancel.
Figure 1.7 - Initial Setup (Welcome)

#UPS Device Model
The model name of your UPS displays at the top level of these menu options (e.g. Smart-UPS 5000), and all of the menu options relate to your UPS.

#UPS Status
The UPS Status screen has three sections — System Status, Power Status, and Battery Status.
Figure 1.8 - UPS Status
a). System Status
Device Status
Possible Device Status:
On Line - The UPS is running normally on AC utility power.
Figure 1.9 - On Line (Smart-UPS 5000)
On Line (Green Mode) - The UPS is running normally on AC utility power, and the electrical input is being utilized with high efficiency.
Initializing - The UPS is in the process of establishing communications with the UPS.
On Battery - The UPS is using its battery to provide output power to the load.
Figure 2.1 - On Battery (Smart-UPS 5000)
Low Battery - The UPS is on battery, and the "Runtime Remaining" reported by the UPS is less than the "At runtime limit" value on the "Shutdown Settings" screen.
Battery Discharged - The UPS is on line, and the "Runtime Remaining" reported by the UPS is less than the "At runtime limit" value on the "Shutdown Settings" screen.
Replace Battery - The UPS battery has reached the end of its life.
No Batteries Attached - Your UPS cannot detect any batteries.
UPS in Bypass - Your UPS is in bypass mode.
Maintenance Bypass - Your UPS is on bypass for maintenance purposes.
UPS Initiated Bypass - The UPS is reporting an internal hardware issue that caused it to switch to bypass operation.
Software Bypass - A user requested bypass operation through either the PowerChute Business Edition or the UPS LCD user interface.
Bypass Power Supply Fault - The UPS auxiliary power supply is not functioning.
Overloaded - The UPS cannot support the current load. Unplug some equipment to reduce the load.
AVR Boost Active - The UPS is using AVR Boost (Automatic Voltage Regulator) to correct a low input voltage without switching to battery power.
AVR Trim Active - The UPS is using AVR Trim to correct a high input voltage without switching to battery power.
Performing Self Test - The UPS is performing a Self Test.
Performing Calibration - The UPS is performing a runtime calibration.
Sleeping - One or more outlets on your UPS are turned off but are scheduled to turn on.
Unknown - The status of the UPS is unknown.
UPS Off - Your UPS is turned off.
UPS Communication Lost - The PowerChute Agent has lost communications with the UPS. Make sure that the UPS cable is securely connected at both ends.
Figure 2.2 - UPS Communication Lost (Unknown Device)
System Status also reports the following:
Runtime Remaining: The amount of time the UPS - while On Battery, could support the present load. The value is shown in minutes.
Internal Temperature: The temperature inside the UPS.
Load Power: In VA (Volt-Ampere), the power supplied by the UPS as a percentage of its full rating.
Load Current: The current drawn from the UPS by the connected equipment.

b). Power Status
→Power Status reports on the power voltage and frequency of your UPS (refer to Figure 1.8).

c). Battery Status
Battery Status reports the following (refer to Figure 1.8):
Battery Charge: The present charge of the UPS battery, as a percentage of the total possible capacity.
Battery Voltage: The present voltage of the UPS battery.
Total Battery Packs: This is only reported for some UPS types. It states the number of battery packs connected to your UPS.

Also, you can monitoring the UPS Status on Smart-UPS 5000 Display.
Figure 2.3 - Display (Smart-UPS 5000)

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