Caterpillar ET Software: Online Licensing


Figure 1.1 - ET license has expired (FLX06000010)
#Note: The contents of Licensing apply only to Dealer Coordinators. To obtain licensing information, contact the Dealer Coordinator.

The Licensing dialog box can be used to register the Cat ET or change the subscription type. There are two different opportunities to license the Cat ET:
→Running the Cat ET without an active license.
→Selecting License Cat ET... from the Utilities drop-down menu.
Figure 1.2 - License Cat ET (Utilities)

There are two methods to license the Cat ET:
→Online - This method should only be used when an Internet connection is or can be established.
Figure 1.3 - License the program now? Click Yes

#To license the Cat ET online:
1). Select Online as the connection method in the Connection screen of the Licensing wizard.
Figure 1.4 - Connection (Online)
2). Click Next>. The choose Action screen is displayed.
Figure 1.5 - Action (Activate)
3). Select Activate as the type of action to perform. Click Next>. The Activate screen is displayed.
Figure 1.6 - Activate (1)
4). Enter an Activation ID in the License Details screen.
→The information entered into the Name and PC Serial Number text boxes should be descriptive enough that they can be used in the future to identify the license.
Figure 1.7 - License Details
5). Click Activate.
Figure 1.8 - Activate (2)
6). The License granted. message box is displayed.
Figure 1.9 - License granted.
7). Click OK.
Figure 2.1 - Expiration Date: 16/2/2023

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