CAT Injector Codes Calibration using Caterpillar ET Software

Injector Coding - Injector Codes Calibration

Figure 1.1 - Valve and Injector Cylinder (C-15)

The Injector Codes Calibration function reads the programmed Injector Code from the ECM and changes the numeric four or six digit Code for each Injector. Each Injector Code should match the Code stamped on the Injector.

To run the Injector Codes Calibration:
1). Connect CAT ET to the Service Tool connector. Read More: How to Connecting Caterpillar ET Software to the ECM.

2). Select Calibrations from the Service menu.
Figure 1.2 - Calibrations (Service)

3). Select Injector Codes Calibration from the submenu.
Figure 1.3 - Injector Codes Calibration (1)

4). Click Start. The Injector Codes Calibration screen is displayed.
Figure 1.4 - Injector Codes Calibration (2)

#Screen Layout
The Injector Codes Calibration screen has the following areas:
A. Display Area
The Injector Codes Calibration display area has two columns
  • Injector – Lists the available Injector Numbers
  • Code – Displays the Injector's Codes
B. Buttons
The buttons available in the Injector Codes Calibration screen may include:
  • Change – Click this button to change the selected parameter’s values.
→Each Injector Code should match the Code stamped on the Injector.
Figure 1.5 - Injector Code (1359)
→Enter the New Value, and click OK.
Figure 1.6 - Change Parameter Value (Injector 2)

→Click Yes.
Figure 1.7 - Click Yes
→The Injector Code cannot begin with a zero (0).
Figure 1.8 - Change Parameter Value (1-9)
→After the first Code (1-9), then required any digit "0" through "9".
Figure 1.9 - Change Parameter Value (0-9)

  • Exchange – Click this button to electronically exchange Code information between two Injectors for diagnostic purposes.
Note: For some products, the Exchange button is not supported and will not be displayed.

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