FREE Cummins INSITE Software: Inquire Data Extraction on CUMMINS Engines

 Inquire Data Extraction

Figure 1.1 - Vehicle Properties

This feature is used to quickly extract and store ECM data and reset selected parameters from a connected engine. When no active faults or other issues are present, Inquire Data Extraction is typically performed while fueling the vehicle.

To open the Inquire Data Extraction window:
→Click Inquire Data Extraction on the Viewbar. 

Figure 1.2 - Inquire Data Extraction

To begin data extraction:
A). If you have already performed data extraction on an engine, engine data is displayed in the Vehicle Properties box (as Figure 1.1 above). If you are connected to the same engine, highlight it and click Connect. The Engine Information window is displayed, showing Engine Serial Number, Unit Number, Customer Name, and Group Name.
Figure 1.3 - Inquire Data Extraction Status

B). If you have not performed data extraction on the connected vehicle, the New Engine Information window is displayed when you click Connect. The Engine Serial Number is read from the ECM and displays in this window. In the Value column, type entries for Unit Number, Customer Name, and Group Name. This information will be used the next time you perform data extraction on this engine.
Figure 1.4 - New Engine Information

C). Click Continue. Data extraction progress is shown in the Inquire Data Extraction Status box. Observe any message windows or prompts that display during extraction, until the process completes. 
Figure 1.5 - Inquire Data Extraction (Complete)
Figure 1.6 - Inquire Data Extraction (Status)

D). Extracted data is stored in a *.csv file, in the location specified (Local Disk:C/Intelect/INSITE/InquireData) in the Options window. The default name of this file combines the engine serial number with the date and time. Note that the name of this file is listed in the Vehicle Properties box on completion of data extraction. 

E). To configure data extraction options:
→Click the Options button to open the Inquire Data Extraction page in the Options window.
Figure 1.7 - Inquire Data Extraction (Options)

You can define settings for each configured ECM data source connection. Use the dropdown list to select the connection to use for data extraction. Connection data is then displayed below the selected connection.

Use the Available Operations and Selected Operations panes to define which operations will occur during data extraction. You can select one or more of these options:
  • Reset Trip Information
  • Reset Maintenance Monitor Data
  • Reset Inactive Fault Codes
  • Reset Duty Cycle Monitor Groups
  • Reset All Fault Codes

Use the arrow buttons to move individual operations, or all the operations between panes.

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