FREE Cummins INSITE Software: Fan Override Test on CUMMINS Engines

Fan Override Test (Automatic Fan Control)

Figure 1.1 - Fan Override Test 

ECM fan control is used for proper engine cooling, reducing intake manifold temperature, and reducing air conditioner refrigerant temperature. This test enables you to run the fan at full speed for an adjustable amount of time to aid with troubleshooting. Note: Be sure the fan area is clear before starting the test (Engine must be running).

To run the fan for a specified period of time:
1). Select Fan Override Test from the list in the ECM Diagnostic Tests Wizard. Click Next, and the Fan Override Test window opens (as Figure 1.1 above).

2). Note any messages or warnings in the Instructions box.
Figure 1.2 - Instructions (Fan Override Test)

3). Use the spin box to enter the number of seconds that you want the fan to run for testing, then click Start. The fan runs for the specified number of seconds, then shuts off.
Figure 1.3 - Fan Engage Time 

4). The number of seconds remaining in the test is displayed in the Time remaining box. You can click the Stop button and change the Fan Engage Time if desired.
Figure 1.4 - Running (Status)

5). Select Stop to stop the test.
Figure 1.5 - Test Stopped (Status)

6). Click Back to perform a different test.

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