FREE ALLISON DOC Software: Read Static Data on ALLISON Transmission

Read Static Data

Figure 1.1 - Action Request (Read Static Data)

The Read Static Data feature allows power off data stored in the TCM to be extracted to a file that can be used by Allison Engineers for diagnostic purposes. To Read Static Data, the vehicle ignition must be in the "ON" position and Allison DOC must be disconnected.
→Allison 4th/5th Gen Control only.
→The Read Static Data feature is only available for model years 2006 and later.

To Read Static Data
1). Display the Action Request menu (as Figure 1.1 above).
2). Click on the Read Static Data menu item - an Information window displays.
Figure 1.2 - Read Static Data (Start)
3). Read the text in the Information window and acknowledge it by clicking on the Start button. The Advanced Communications Adapter Setup window displays.
Figure 1.3 - Communications Adapter Setup
4). Selecting a Vendor, Protocol, and Device for a particular translator device.
5). Click the OK button - a progress window is displayed. This function captures the data from the TCM.
Figure 1.4 - Reading information from TCM
6). When finished, the Enter Comments dialog box displays.
Figure 1.5 - Enter Comments
7). Enter any pertinent information in the available fields that should be included in the file.
8). Click the OK button.
9). A confirmation window displays, indicating if the data was saved successfully and the path on the computer where the file was saved. By default, these files are saved in the following folder: 4Gen Static Data or 5Gen Static Data under: Users\Public\Public Documents\Allison Transmission\Allison DOC for PC - Service Tool\
Figure 1.6 - Static data save successfully!

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