How to Ignore Software Registration Key on TECHSTREAM v15.00.026

FREE TECHSTREAM Ver 15.00.026 (Global TechStream)

Global TechStream Ver 15.00.026

Toyota, Lexus, and Scion Diagnostic Software
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FREE Download TechStream v15.00.026 here:

1. Install TechStream v15.00.026

2. After finished, right click on Techstream shortcut on Desktop - Properties - Open File Location - Copy and Paste "TS_loader.exe" on there (Techstream/bin folder). Right click on "TS_loader.exe" - send to Desktop (create shortcut). Download here: TS_loader.

3. Install Driver For 32bit if using Mini VCI Driver for Toyota, download here: Mini VCI Driver for TOYOTA.

4. For 64bit, install "Multidrivermvci_64.exe" (Run as administrator), download here: Multidrivermvci_x64. Read More: Install MINI-VCI J2534 Driver untuk TECHSTREAM (Toyota TIS) Software

5. Always run Techstream through "TS_loader.exe - Shortcut" instead of "Techstream" shortcut. Or delete the "Techstream" shortcut on desktop. Click "Cancel" if the "Register Techstream Software" displays at the first time opening the software.
Toyota TS loader (RUN no key)

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22 Responses to "How to Ignore Software Registration Key on TECHSTREAM v15.00.026 "

  1. thanks, it worked! Too many other methods give virus warnings.

  2. Gracias,funciona perfecto. El unico inconveniente es que no encuentro toyota etios en ningun software

  3. I am in need of the registration key. Can you help?

    1. Hello Michael,
      What Techstream version?for v14, and v15 no need the registration key, just ignore it. For other version, such as v12, and v13 please Contact Us if you need the reg.key

  4. Thank you so much..
    It's working even with 15.00.028

  5. Hi, I'm trying to download the 64-bit driver to install v15, but my computer is detecting a trojan horse virus and is throwing up all kinds of warnings and is blocking the download even though I allow it.

    1. Hello there,
      You have to disabled your antivirus/ windows defender first, or Contact Us for details.

  6. Hola que tal me puede ayudar con mi Techstream 15.00.26

  7. Hola, como estas. Tendrás por casualidad algun activador o serial para tecstream 14.30.023 ?. Gracias

  8. Trying this with 15.00.028..Should it work.?
    My ID is 361746C2FD25F9B8C78B91B8A4675F00

  9. Tactrix openport 2.0 apa juga bisa.terima kasih sudi berbagi

  10. Followed your directions to the "T". The "run with no key " shows but nothing after also reads "v141028 My I.D Is CBB760E628FD12E26640F7C084BA9606. PLease help.

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  12. id saya d94c30e13260cf68a464f25ce1601 vesi 16.00.017 meminta kunc baru saya tidak fahaM TOLONG BANTUAN NYA