FREE BESTCOMS Software for PC (Basler Electric DM110 and DECS-100)


Figure 1.1 - DM110

BESTCOMS software for Windows® provides a communication link between the DM110 and the user. All DM110 settings can be entered through BESTCOMS-DM110 and all metering values can be read through BESTCOMS-DM110.  PID (Proportional + Integral + Derivative) software within BESTCOMS-DM110 enables the user to  establish proper PID parameters based on a specified generator and/or exciter time constants.  Within BESTCOMS-DM110, settings can be saved in a computer file and used later to configure other units with the same settings.
Figure 1.2 - BESTCOMS-DM110 

To install BESTCOMS-DM110, perform the following steps.
1. Click the Install button for the BESTCOMS PC Program, download here: BESTCOMS for DM110
2. Follow the install wizard's directions to complete the installation.

The Basler Digital Excitation Control System (DECS-100) is an electronic, solid-state, microprocessor based control device. The DECS-100 regulates the output voltage of a brushless, ac generator by controlling the current into the generator exciter field. Input power to the DECS-100 can be from a multipole, high-frequency, permanent magnet generator (PMG) or from the generator output when used as a conventional, shunt-excited, excitation system.
Figure 1.3 - DECS-100

The DECS-100 is supplied in an epoxy-potted package designed for behind-the-panel mounting. The DECS-100 is held in place by thread-forming screws that thread into its plastic shell. Front panel indicators (LEDs) annunciate DECS-100 status and system conditions. DECS-100 connections are made through quarter-inch, quick-connect terminals on the rear panel. A 9-pin DB-9 type connector on the rear panel provides communication between the DECS-100 and an IBM compatible PC.

Download support documents here:

1. Install BESTCOMS DECS-100 Software, download here: BESTCOMS DECS100_11000
2. Follow the install wizard's directions to complete the installation.

Figure 1.4 - BESTCOMS-DECS100

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