Create Product Status Report on Caterpillar ET Software

Product Status Report

Figure 1.1 - Loading data from ECM...


The Product Status Report feature allows users to capture the status of a machine or engine at a specific moment in time. Data loaded from the ECM is compiled in the Product Status Report and includes parameters, user comments, and user-selected diagnostics and/or configuration information. The report is automatically saved once it has been created and may be viewed immediately or at a later time.

1). Connect CAT ET to the ECM. Read More: How to Connect Caterpillar ET Software to the ECM.

2). Click on Menu Information - Product Status Report.
Figure 1.2 - Product Status Report (Information)
Figure 1.3 - Product Status Report

3). Click on Create Report (refer to Figure 1.1 above), after the selected information is loaded from the ECM, the Product Status Report is displayed and saved in the XML format.
Figure 1.4 - Item(s) not selected

4). Click Close Report to return to the Product Status Report screen. Click Save As to save the Product Status Report with a different name, to a different location, or in a different format (for example, PDF).
Figure 1.5 - Save Additional Copy
Figure 1.6 - PSR was successfully saved
→Example of Product Service Report (pdf format); PSR Download.

#Setting the Product Service Report (Preferences)
The Product Status Report tab in the Preferences dialog box allows the default Product Status Report settings to be customized.

#To customize the Product Status Report settings:
1). Select the Product Status Report tab in the Preferences dialog box. The Product Status Report settings are listed with corresponding check boxes.
2). To include a feature in the Product Status Report, click the corresponding checkbox. The selected feature will be included when the Product Status Report is run. To disable a message, click the checkbox next to the feature name to uncheck it. The unchecked feature will no longer appear in the Product Status Report.
3). Click Default to enable the default Product Status Report settings.
4). Click Check All to select all of the features available in the Product Status Report. Click Clear All to deselect all selections.
5). Click OK to accept the changes made in the Product Status Report tab. Click Cancel to exit the tab without saving the changes.
Figure 1.7 - Preferences (Modify - PSR)

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