Professional Radio CPS Software for Motorola GP328/338

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Figure 1.1 - Motorola GP328/338

Motorola GP328/338

#FREE software download (for Windows 7 only)
Figure 1.2 - Professional Radio R06.12.05

#Driver download for USB Programming Cable
a). RPC-XXX-U Series/ Prolific Chipset
b). RPC-XXX-UF Series/ FTDI 

1). Communication Port (COM Port)
When programming a Radio, the computer is connected to the Radio with a RIB cable or USB programming cable via the COM port. The computer's CPS COM Port settings are independent of each other and apply to the Read and Write features (The transfer of programmed information from the Radio to the computer's temporary memory/RAM).
→This gives you the ability to quickly Read the codeplug information from one Radio and then Write that same programming information to another Radio.
Figure 1.3 - Read Device (File)
→The COM Port settings for the CPS can only be selected from the File menu. Select: File - Read Device, or File - Write Device.
Figure 1.4 - Select Port (COM4)

2). Tree View
The Tree View offers a graphic representation of the CPS structure. The Tree View may be navigated with the Mouse or Keyboard for the purpose of opening any of the various CPS Windows, or a specific Window Record containing programming information. Records contain different configurations of the same types of information. For instance, several Scan List, or several Conventional Personality can exist.
Figure 1.5 - Tree View (Device at COM4 Port)
Radio Information
Figure 1.6 - Frequency Range (136-174 MHz)
Radio Configuration
Figure 1.7 - Radio Configuration (Basic)
Conventional Personality
The Conventional Personality window allows you to create and delete Conventional Personality, as well as define individual Conventional Personality functionality. Conventional dispatch is one of the two dispatch modes. The other dispatch type is LS Trunking. Conventional Channels can only communicate to Radios operating on Conventional channels.
Figure 1.8 - Conventional Personality (Basic) 
The Signaling Configuration window allows you to define Signaling System functionality that can apply to all Signaling Systems. Signaling Systems can be created in their data type window: MDC, QCII, and DTMF. Signaling Systems can be assigned to radio Channels/Personalities, and selected for use with MDC Messages, MDC Statuses, and Call List Members as receive and transmit data protocols.
Figure 1.9 - Signaling Configuration (General)

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